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President from a partisan point of view and i was trying to get him to acknowledge that because he is a guy who has always prided himself on being untainted by politics law enforcement should not be swayed by politics he says but i don't know well here's how he answered your question about that i don't see it as a partisan attack i'm trying to teach something and offer a vision of ethical leadership and a half talk about my encounters with donald trump as i do with president obama and bush and many other people to describe it i don't think of it as a partisan attack i'm trying to be truthful about what i think and see well any any i think i heard him saying another interview that if he had to do it all over again he might leave out those personal things this has gotten a lot of attention i saw monaco colbert kobe are actually rip that page out of the book is that it's just it's just a couple of paragraphs about trump's appearance anyway let me read it to emails from our listeners this comes from gary actually these tweets to atlas michael w r gary i enjoy the show each morning but komi interview was a low point mr comey is a narcissist who seems to believe there are two standards of justice one for politicians the other for regular folk he's going to jail comey's is going to jail that president feels probably feels like is now on the other hand we did get this tweet from john said i can see that you're trump's sycophants didn't like the interview but in reality they don't like komi they hate him because he's speaking the truth and of course the truth usually hurts well the thing was i tried to press him to and just coming out and say he really does not like donald trump but he wiggled out of that one i don't dislike him personally i feel a little bit sorry for him i'm deeply concerned about the way in which he leads especially the way in which he makes decisions but i don't actually dislike.

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