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What you got to pay for a hamburger hot dog, right phrase ballot. That's and that's no beverage or fries. That's just the burger right there. 26 minutes after seven. Celebrating birthdays this morning and Wdun brought to you by chicken salad Chick and Kessler. Tired alignment. Let's see who's on her birthday list for the day and let's see. We have a double list for you for today. And tomorrow today being January 15th who's celebrating? We have April Bynum on the list. We have Gayle Robinson, Linda Baldwin celebrate today. We also have Taylor Jim King. Gen. Taylor Jenkins. Jenkins is not a 22 word. Last name Somebody's got. It is a hyphenate Jen kins, Sailor Jenkins. We need to get these typed out. Anna Barton celebrates today. Gloria, who'll on the birthday list and Linda angle, also celebrating a birthday today, let's say a special happy birthday today to Gayle Robinson, who received good stuff there from our good friends at Kessler, Tire and alignment and birthdays for Saturday. We have none for the 16. So there you go. But we are celebrating a birthday on Monday. That is Martin Luther King Day. However, his actual birthday is today It was the state back in 1929 at Martin Luther King Jr was formed so certainly worth remembering, and we'll remember on Monday. Maybe you've got the day off. Hopefully, you do. Take a little time to celebrate 27 minutes after seven and Wdun start a brand new morning and little. I don't want to bring it down, but little sad news that we need to share with you this morning as.

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