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They were called to the house just before ten am when officers the fire department arrived the whole house was engulfed in flames and two people were outside of the house on fire basically and those people were flown out no word yet on the condition of those two victims seven of the thirteen were hurt children police say a six month old baby has died following a traffic crash in staten island before dawn yesterday police say little damaris herbs was in a van that was broadsided by a jeep after the van ran a red light at forest avenue and broadway that's in the west brighton section the staten island advance reports the infants on was at the wheel rushing him and his mother to the hospital because he wasn't medical distress according to a law enforcement source other injuries were reported wins news time one in texas yesterday about fifteen hundred people gathered to celebrate the life of matriarch of a political dynasty a funeral services are held for barbara bush only the second person in us history to be the wife of one president the mother of another former first lady died tuesday at the age of ninety two after a series of health problems and hospitalizations mourners at saint mary's episcopal church in houston included four former presidents three former first ladies and current first lady melania trump one of the three eulogies given by a former governor of florida wall so happens to be her son christopher ben thomas rather correspondent reports she called her style the benevolent dictatorship but honestly it wasn't always benevolent jeb bush joked about his mother's tough love approach but said that love was always consistent unconditional he and his siblings well the little things we learned became habits and they lead to things like be kind always tell the truth never disparage anyone serve others treat everyone as you would wanna be treated jeb bush says his family had a front row seat for the amazing love story that is shared there was a constant in our lives barbara bush was later laid to rest in a private ceremony at her husband's presidential library next to her daughter robin who died of leukemia when she.

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