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Herbst. Turkey says it entirely rejects President Biden's decision to recognize the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks and World War one as genocide. NPR's Peter Kenyon reports it was a swift response to Biden's announcement. The U. S decision has no legal basis, said the Foreign ministry. But Biden's decision reverses decades of past practice and marks a symbolic defeat for Turkey. Foreign Minister Mevlut Jeff, a soul who posted to Twitter that quote words cannot change history, adding the Turkey entirely rejects this statement, saying it was quote based on populism. White House statement says, in part that the American people honor all those Armenians who perished in the genocide that began 106 years ago. Today, many historians say the 1915 deportations and killings with the first genocide of the 20th century, successive Turkish governments have consistently rejected the term. Peter Kenyon. NPR NEWS Istanbul Nearly 1/5 of a county Sheriff's department and coastal North Carolina has been placed on leave or resigned since the fatal shooting of a black man this week. NPR's Sarah McCammon has more from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The passport in county Sheriff's Office says three deputies have resigned for reasons not related to the death of Andrew Brown Jr on Wednesday. Seven others are on paid administrative leave. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and the Elizabeth City Council are calling on officials to release body camera footage from the fatal shooting, which took place while officials were trying to carry out a warrant. Councilman Michael Brooks says council members are preparing to petition a judge to release the video. We got to do more than given the greed and family words they want to see some action to wars what they will consider justice for their love one North Carolina's stay pure Rule of investigation has taken charge of the investigation. Sarah McCammon NPR NEWS Elizabeth City $16 Billion are now available for struggling music venues, theaters and other independent live event spaces. Here's Lander. Lynn Bond reports. The small business Administration says the shuttered venue operators Grant reopens two applicants today. In a statement, Barb Carson from the SP's Office of Disaster Assistance, said they recognized the urgency to get the program up and running. Quote with the venue operators in danger of closing every day that passes by is a day of these businesses cannot afford to step back a bit. The shuttered venue operators grant was signed into law in December by President Trump. Established a program. We're qualifying live event spaces hit hard about the pandemic could apply for relief money based on revenue lost. The S P A. And its vendors have been at work since the false start on April if making improvements to the process, including adding waiting room technology to address high interest in the program. Angelyne Bang NPR news. And the SP originally launched that plan earlier this month, but it canceled it after the website crashed. This is NPR. Live from KQED news. I'm terrorists. Tyler at this hour people are gathering at Washington Park and Alameda to protest police violence. This after the city announced it was opening up in an independent investigation into the death of a man who died in police custody on Monday. KQED Sarah Hussaini is there and joins US and First off, Sarah, Can you remind us of the circumstances behind the death of Mario Gonzales? I said yes. Alameda police take on solid, suffered an unspecified medical emergency after officers tried to place his hands behind his back, and he later died at a hospital. In statements. They've said there was a so called scuffle with officers and apart but the reasons for the attempted arrest for somewhat they. They said he appeared to be under the influence and was a suspect in a possible theft. Mario Gonzalez, whose family has said that that just doesn't jive with demanding knew he was Young father of four year old and a devoted caretaker to a 22 year old statistic, brother and they won't answer body camera footage, the names of the officers and an independent investigation and so what is going on there right now. Well, the market is just kicking off. Now People are starting to trickle in there, wearing black holding black lives matter signs on their here to remember him. They want to end up at the Alameda police station today. All right. Thank you so much, Sara. Thank you. That was KQED. Sarah Husseini and I'm terrorist Siler in Oakland. This is KQED news. Support comes from personal capital, helping people take control of their finances from home with financial tools and objective advice. Personal capital.

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