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We'll be back with the first episode of Space Nets for Twenty Twenty Very soon in the meantime now we thought you might like to take a listen to this episode of the new dark skies conversations. PODCAST is coming soon. It features an interview with Fred. It's a great little background As to who he is and what he does when you've been listening to him for a few years but papal ask a Lotta questions of red and his background so just what does an astronomer at large. Do you'll find out in this interview. And of course you can subscribe to dark skies conversations wherever you get your podcast from so sit back relax and enjoy an interview with Fred On aspects and that's platform and keep an eye out for the dark skies conversations podcast and I'll check you again real soon on space nuts hi with a flick of switch. We turn night today and day tonight. We can change seasons actions and states of mind. Light is everywhere used endlessly and very much part of our modern world. But what is it. How do we use it? And how is it changing our environment and behaviors style field sky used to be our evening's entertainment. Now it's net flicks ipads or even a podcast. When was the last time you looked at the night skies? I'm money okay. And this is doc sky conversations the podcast that brings people and science together to share With me today is a straight his astronomer at large Professor Fred Watson an astronomer science communicator working with the Department of Industry Innovation and science US prior to these outlandish role. Fred was the astronomer in charge of the Anglo Australian telescope at Siding Spring Observatory Australia's largest optical telescope..

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