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Out to your guys sweatshirts fire absolutely fence had to restock you didn't even know now I knew we sold out yeah it was nice it was nice good good brain day for you to sell those brain day get a good day good day the brain surgery allows kind of brain day you real quick yeah real quick just one thing when I start speaking I usually it's the first words my mouth it's usually not good yeah no I was I been like Sunday it'll be here at eleven and I was at also to the Morris was like I'm not going to go home asleep on the couch someone opened the door like eight am twin open were not sleeping the other way around I was like the IRT the fucking nerve to come on I want to be sleeping on the fucking couch bed very disrespectful with your back they know they know they were looking Martin because I'm usually only one in there how sorry not you'll see me impersonal y'all for sure it was easier Guinness cussing fuck working jerry son of a bitch but it is NBA season. I'm very excited I still anyone who claims to know who's on every team is lying to no one knows you find out in a weekend I'd be thrilled if I knew everyone a weekend gambling you find that when I found out like what's his name is a coach of the fucking sparks Their Derek Fisher like go out there Justin Wnba like I had no idea and you never forget that yeah that makes all right Yes oh I meant to tell you the fact that you guys extended Jalen Brown before Taco falls insane yeah I think I grew Taco fall like last week extended more lies keep extending is the face of your teeth talk troublesome that's great I wanted to get a Taco Tattoo on my ass almost be Duke Been Great Damn Yeah that one little rim in I had a talk on my ass tough but do you I saw a lot of tweets from you didn't like it what Jalen Brown it's fine that's my take sensible it's not the Max clearly right between he and buddy does seem weird that even got this late like like buddy wanted to be in Sacramento sound like Jalen Window in Boston so it's like I just plain hairs over especially with incentives I don't I don't even know if it was splitting hairs as much as we don't really see negotiating and the NBA anymore and I think this just negotiating it everyone's like the fuck is this van we're negotiating Jalen got one fifteen what can be what up to a quick one twenty with incentives or something like that I thought it was up to one or optimization and buddy can get up to like one oh six or something like I think the actual negotiating because even buddy was like though what I do appreciate from the Celtics is it got leaked that it was offered four eighty but it was never leaked like how buddy was like I'll go elsewhere tomorrow so I think the looks like we'll figure it out and they did because age does not do this he never signs restricted for like I thought we were gonNA lose Marcus smart when we did same thing with him and then we ended up paying him slightly more than he asked for just a year after the fact so I'm happy Jalen sear for at least five more years I assume the same things happen with them and I like I keep saying we net definitely he'll get the full Max they won't be any when laugh at that when it happens more no guy but I know I I love him struggles sometimes yeah I interested to see this season with both of them but then I saw the point this out to and it's what I've been saying ever since an refuse used to trade them if you're not going to trade them you better fucking re-sign them no of course better keep them or at least if you're going to be like because like dream mccollum has released the only big free agent after this year everything else is going to be restricted or overpaying guys you don't want so it was like you really want Jalen Brown hit open market because somebody will give him the four year old for sure whatever by just like same with buddy same with John Murray any of these guys like this list is get them in house keep them in house now the fact that so bonus gove eighty mill is nothing that's a while that's disgusting I think it's too much he should get zero dollars in college food world is he an eighty million dollar guy he made more than his father his career just by signing a PS paper good squeezing start that's that's eligible for all right all right you got us when people and I know there are some people think Simone is Jalen I'm not here to talk to any of those people but wings have more leverage than bigs I just think across the books because again anybody was willing to play it out next year somebody was going to pay just because he was like okay you'll get nothing you think four seventy seven I'll wait a year to buy his heirs and get four near seventy buddy looking to pay so you think it's the wildest that he signed it overpay well I don't I think it was overpay in the sense if they're gonna try to start them both right like there's a lot of money our expansion yet he got four eighty five or something last year yeah you five I think yes so you've got a very non modern front court to which is why I said I would traded him before I had to do this but they're committed to any and it's GonNa wear team we'll get to them all right though I I'm gonNA find out who's on all these teams take time whereas Malcolm Brogdon boy he's not in the bucks now and when did that June there's one of the first move I don't pay attention to Malcolm Brogdon dirt I fucking Hate Malcolm brought them why he feels like I do player I hate him so much to do there's Voyeur yes exactly Virginia wait yeah fucking asshole I do wonder though if like the Jalen extension means age would be more apt to trade tatum Knox I think he thinks ones better already got one in hand we are we still pay hayward thirty four next year cabbages signs and you're GonNa get You're actually get you'll get way more for tatum way more yeah way more so so I see it that's still has big just because it's the you have to pay hey but it's a leisure it's like we're done you don't count on the Horford money or the Cairo any smart will probably be coming up for any because he's on what four year yet that was before last year so he's halfway through after this year it'll be halfway through and then outside that yeah so I feel like he'll get his early writer home can get the four hundred eighty six million right or wrong is wrestle Jalen. I'm GonNa Laugh at that tatum applaud we'd love Jalen Jalen I don't even hate tatum I just think it's GonNa be funny when they give them a lot of money okay now change everything you've done we believe you now I think they're going to be okay top four seat I agree I think cameras would be unreal for them I'm very excited to watch Kamba I liked that we've just always had very good wildly different point guards since we drafted Rhonda the cameras everyone loves Kimber and he's such an irrelevant team for an like he's coming nice to see him on a team where he actually has some help it was so such a bad team who's great so he's gotTa be good you think you'd hope I saw I like the Celtics I don't have an NBA team. I don't really care for the Knicks or just long island's not like the fact that you even like basketball coming from long island is already rare Yelich examined college guys I love college but I'll NBA is I watch every night but I just don't want to be man I'm not dying for any team you're not Celtics Home Court it doesn't feel unreasonable yeah I like Celtics what's their absolute ceiling assuming everything goes right eastern conference finals loss just like they beat Philly in the second and yeah in the second round and then they lose to the bucks game.

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