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One point six per game. He makes both the beavers leader twenty seven to twenty Ken. Did you go on the half Antoine Vernon checks in for the B's? He joins Zack Reichel big g trays tinkle and Ethan Thompson on the floor, Robert pranks and under the right corner to canon handed dribbles center, the paint floats left-hander up in canon showing the versatility a three on the catch. And now a bucket on the drive into the paint. Ten minutes to go at the half. Zach Reichel tries to respond the other way. Mrs the three big g the rebound laser. And the beavers maintain arm's length from the cougs. Twenty nine twenty two nine forty six to go in the first half. Sure Robinson end of the quarter out of tarot junior. College in Colorado gets the ball beyond paid Daniels. Daniels to the left wing to Franks Robert back. Zach Reichel down still backing down. Zach huge height advantage. John. Zach puts up a jumper in the lane. Doesn't get it. Jack held his ground. Good job. Ethan. Thompson the rebound betrays nickel thought about an NBA three. But it on the deck. Instead it up at the left hand off the glass and scores at timeout. Ernie Kent nine seventeen to go in the half. Excellent dry, trace tackle. And the bieber's Porsche the lead denied thirty one hundred twenty two nine seventeen remaining in the forest app. Again, Adly Richmond will join us at halftime to talk not only about the honor be named. Team USA's player of the year last summer after leading the beavers to.

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