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That didn't fit a narrative either, Todd. Well, it's a fair point, Jeff, and by the way, Jeff Stein, on the patriot mobile newsmaker line, so really, do you guys have any sort of recourse or is it a done deal? Well, this is where it gets to be a lot of fun. You will recall in past cycles, there were states that wanted to leapfrog ahead of Iowa and New Hampshire. Iowa and New Hampshire had a deal that the national party's bought into. Iowa would have the first caucus, New Hampshire would have the first primary. And so each state, their legislatures passed laws. So we have an actual law in the state of Iowa that says Iowa's partisan caucuses have to be held a certain number of days before any other event. Guaranteeing that we're first in the nation. So if I was Democrats or rather what's left, the shambles of the Iowa Democrat party. If they want to follow Iowa law, they will have to hold their caucus. Before anything in South Carolina, New Hampshire or any of these other early states. The question then becomes, will the DNC refuse to steep delegate if I was selection process began early. That was threatened some 20 some years ago, but the party chair at the time later became congressman Dave nagel dared the DNC to not feed Iowa and Iowa retained its first in the nation status. So if Iowa Democrats want to follow the law, they're going to have to go first, but they could wind up with delegates who don't get credentials. At the convention. This is fascinating. This is going to be fun to watch. It just unbelievable. Jeff, I know you've been following politics there in the heartland for a very long time. Who have you seen wandering around Iowa these days? Republican and Democrat. Democrats not so much simply because of the fact that there's so much uncertainty with regard to Biden run does Biden not run. You saw a number of people like Nikki Haley like Mike Pompeo like Tim Scott, like Kristi Noem. They've been making trips to Iowa, ostensibly to help iowans get elected. Tom cotton did the same thing, but he's pulled himself out of the running. These were folks that in my mind, Mike Pence also, by the way, big visit around the time of the Iowa state fair. And who doesn't like a good funnel cake, right? But they were all just trying to remind iowans that they are there in the event Donald Trump did not run or if there was a stumble. So you've got people like Haley saying, I'll decide by the first of the year, Pompeo has said, doesn't matter what Trump does. Won't change my decision, but those are the people that we have seen pretty frequently in the past 6 to 8 months. Fascinating. All right, Jeff, we're going to leave it there a good stuff. We're going to be checking in with you a lot as we head into 2024 and let's see what happens with these crazy Democrats. Always here for you, Todd. Thanks. All right, Jeff Stein from radio station KX ELR great affiliate there in the nation's heartland. Well, we have some audio that we just got from the Supreme Court and I want to preface this by explaining what happened to the Christian baker Jack Phillips. When he came under attack from Colorado authorities, he was ordered by the state to send all of his employees to a re-education facility. In other words, they had to go through this LGBTQ training that was required of the state, and Jack Phillips said no, we're not going to do that. Here is justice Neil Gorsuch. Grilling the Colorado solicitor general on those re-education camps..

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