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Want to run against them because we just love the team and we're just always going to root for him because we're positive people. We hate all the negativity. I get that. If you're going to examine the lion critically. You can't say anything about Matt Patricia. That's positive. He is one of the worst head coaches a National Football League history and direct the direct this pretty president in a box before we end the segment. Jamie, I I I have jokingly tweeted this out yesterday and was fully ready and expecting to make a mean out of the lion's yesterday. The how did it start? And how's it going now? Me of 14 of three lines lead Jacksonville fully expecting the Jacksonville Jaguars. To just come back and blow and had the lines blow another double digit lead. Once again, I was fully ready, TTO have that ready to go. But then Garner meant you and the entire Jaguars organization proved me completely wrong. So That's just how much faith that's how much faith I have in the Detroit Lions, and that's one reason why I'm no longer a die hard fan like a lot of people are Well, I appreciate you guys to straighten me out. And you know what? I will not fight with anybody on Twitter about the lions anymore. I you bigger fans. You guys a bigger fan than I am. You heard it. Just a fan of football. I am just fan of football, Michigan football and then some other football. We need to go to a break. On the other side. We're going to see Jet Chad Tough Eve. It went viral last yesterday on Saturday, but the auction is still open and we're going to talk to the executive director. Monica, Um, branch out and find out how we could get involved with how people can purchase Thie do an auction auction for these these many gifts that are on that option. All of that on the other side. You listening to the M. So this is the em zones Order. Continue. Ms. Garner.

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