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All right. I'm walking and go through that got me here, but I'm behold that second that okay? Can you still hear good? You're good, Bob. You're great, All right. So just to two things, 11 who was of course, the the when to drive got pushed into the goaltender. I mean, I slipped. I couldn't believe that they did call that corner. You may have discussed that already. I just tuned in a few minutes ago, but Deliberate on that last. Uh you're talking about one horn questions, sir Jeff from my then advantage, and when I saw they blew it up just a little bit. I don't want any push him into the boards, but he brought a stick up in the side of his shaft of a stick. Circuit chef in the job. I'm positive of that, and I don't know if you saw them, but that's what I saw. I just thought I'd throw that in there. That's a good observation. We did not We. Actually, Brian and I were talking about the coup trough penalty before we came on the air, and we were gonna get to it before we came to you, Bob, But you bring up a good point. I don't know how in the world You could call that a penalty, but they did. Yeah, when? When could drop through? Drove the natty had a partial break and wigger is coming down the middle and cutting the angle off and then wigger gave him a tremendous shove and Coach went right into drinker and head to head. They both could have been really out injured battery. I mean, Draeger didn't get up for quite some time. There. He got the blow on the side of the head. And coach the front of the face and the forehead. Sort of thing. Head to head plus the body contact as well. That was on weaker. That was Weaver's fault. Yeah, I don't go over the top very often, you know, on on the referee called just because it's sort of a waste of effort. A lot of times that I did lose my mind on this one. Yeah, I did that. Who lost their mind to was John Cooper around the 12 36 market the first period now he was getting on his team. You could tell, like, even towards the end, he's throwing towels. He couldn't believe some of the calls are being made. Yeah, yeah, that one that you had to look at it regular speed. You know, we looked at it slo mo several times, But, yeah, I mean the head to head I mean, do you think could drive actually went in there? Try to run the goalie and he's gonna headbutt him. He's trying to squirt Cole and I get that I get that the referees probably. Maybe not. Because I didn't even know it was had to head until I saw the slow mo replay. You see the collision, But it's full body impact of goaltenders sprawled out and so is Kucherov. And then what? Really bugged me afterwards was weaker, went over and sort of gave a little bump crosscheck to coach drop while he was down on the ice like Oh, you did that on purpose Really? I was open. Shen was in the vicinity. I was hoping Shen was going to settle that score right off the bat because that part really kind of put me over the edge. But that Carla, the call was ridiculous. It was flat out wrong. But at any rate we move on from that coach. RAF and Rigor continued the game on D ultimate like for either team. I never want to see anybody get hurt in a game. I don't truly even guys that I despise on other teams. Even when I was playing you don't you don't hit somebody to hurt somebody. Um, that's that's not the idea. But At any rate. Unfortunately, lightning. I've got two guys got injured in this game and couldn't complete it so Hopefully, fingers crossed here, Bob. Thank you. Enjoy your walk. 1 809 69 93 52. And what's going to be interesting, and we hope sir, Chip's OK but.

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