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The floor. He's just not good at what you thought it would be good at and that's just free throw shooting and making shots that you need to make. Mm. Are you still on page Forensics page? By the way, Are you still looking? You made a very poor choice to let me know about this page because I'm gonna be distracted for the rest of the show. So you can't fault to me if I screw something up here the rest of the way. Just your your quiet always said. You know, I knew something's going on. You're like a kid who just got caught. Eating some candy. I mean, you you just sitting over there. Thank you, Daddy. Yeah, Yeah. No, Listen, the things I do for this show. It's amazing sounds of the weekend coming up. We'll let you hear from some of the coaches and what they had to say about their performances last night and yesterday in the world of college football. We're also going to get you ready for the NFL weekend today, coming up a little bit later on next hour. As we look ahead to some of these matchups again and hear from some of the guys that we're going to be watching. Everybody wants to make the Super Bowl predictions. You know, the season started Thursday, and you hear all this? So I'm going with this team and that team. And it's fun. It is everybody does it. You know, everybody wants to to kind of get out in front of things and say, Hey, look, I told you But the NFL is just so weird. You will have teams that will ascend teams that will descend and teams that will maintain, and it's always hard to predict that going into the season. But it's also what makes the season so much fun. We'll come back Sounds of the weekend on the way, but it's time for another CBS Sports Radio update. Here's Kevin Dexter. See me? Yes for sports flag and Carl were sponsored by five hour energy. It's the one when you got to get stuff done. Drink it in seconds. Feel it in minutes last for hours, tastes great to five hour Energy Week two of the college football season highlighted by a top five team going down. Brown wants the staff has got it. Give it a hurdle busted up the middle. Here we go as he got the speed 50 40 30. 2010 touchdown. See Jaybird, Ill. Yes, He's got this speed 77 yards to the house for CJ Verdell of Oregon, Geri Allen that call only airfield that part of it. 35 2028 upset win for the Ducks over number three. Ohio State. A couple of other top 15 teams were upset. Stanford upended 14th ranked USC 42 28, Arkansas took down number 15, Texas 42 21 Top ranked Alabama Blue. By Mercer, 48 14. Number two Georgia Oliver UAB. 56 7/4, ranked Oklahoma shuts out Western Carolina 76. Nothing in Texas A and M survives scare from Colorado. 10 to 7. We have arrived at week one of the NFL season say Kwan Barkley will suit up for it. Reports say he is good to go for the Giants when they take on the Broncos today. ESPN reports Odell Beckham Jr will go through pre game warmups before an official decision is made on his status for the Browns. Against the Chiefs and Austin Ekeler miss practice this week with a hamstring injury for the Chargers, But he will reportedly play for L. A. In Washington Saturday. Baseball scoreboard National League Mookie Betts, a homer and four RBS to lift the Dodgers by the Padres, 54 Giants beat up on the Cubs, 15 to 4. Philly six, Rockies one Pirates over the Nationals 10 7 Cardinals topped the Red 64 Marlins over the Braves. Also 64 American League Blue Jay sweep a double header from the Orioles, 11 10 and 11 2 Rangers eight, A six race Stop the Tigers. 72 Angels for Astros two Red Sox beat the White Sox, 98 and 10. Twins over the Royals, 92 and in interleague play was the Yankees beating the Mets 87 Brewers shut out the Indians three Nothing. Diamondbacks topped the Mariners 73. I'm Kevin Dexter. Hey, it's Amy.

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