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We're all going to connect together. So the germ of this idea was jennifer friedman's who's a brilliant comedian writer. Who came in and it was like you. We have to do something About these crisis pregnancy centers and most of the writer. Most of us weren't familiar with them and she and she most people aren't familiar with them. Which if you don't know what they are. It is basically these Chris organsations that setup. That look like abortion clinics essentially or women's health centers or planned parenthood's And they just say women's health or pregnancy center. Something that doesn't tell you that they have a religious affiliation. There's often no religious iconography. They're often made to look like doctors offices. And they say come in and get a pregnancy test and we'll give you help. There are options. And they kind of make you think that one of the options is that you can terminate the pregnancy. And then when you go in and you say yeah you know if a young woman say i. I'm pregnant and it was a mistake and i'd like you to explore ending it. They'll say to. You will first off before you do that. You should know that god loves. Your baby doesn't want it to die and just kind of do all of these very intense psychological things on a young woman to to get her to keep the baby And vice did a really good undercover thing That we saw on youtube so we learned all about these things and so she's like you have to do something we're like okay. Yeah it's definitely the type of thing that we would do in this movie. Is that going to be too dark. And too much of a bummer. And and and so kind of came in with a lot of the idea and then you know the room kind of toss it around and punches up but but it was like well. What if we could separate situation where she eats a baby doll or something like that. She's telling it to this pastor there who is kind of you know masquerading as as a medical professional or whatever and she's saying i have a baby inside me and you just take it out. I you know and then revealed that her. Her father is the one who got her pregnant. And and so. It's kind of a lot of the my favorite stuff in the movie is taking. This is kind of a classic comedy. Set up of this misunderstanding. But it's doing it in the real world with a real person playing the quote unquote straight man. The person who doesn't understand and you have these two kind of clowns. It's i and the other person's yeah. They baseball manager confused. Right and every detail that she's repeating that we already know when she phrases it. It kind of escalates. It where he did. He said he gave me a tree. And that's why he did it in the alley so no one can see it. And it's just we know in this guy's head it's the most horrible thing and so it's doing kind of the traditional comedy setup but using real person but on top of that you have this very clear satirical angle which is the kind of thing that makes it perfect for this movie. Which is ultimately you have pastor faced with a young woman saying that she's pregnant with the baby that this is horrible to say as as plain as it is but she's saying this is a product of an incestuous rape and he's telling her no you have to keep this baby so it's doing this extraordinarily dark thing but in this kind of very familiar comedy setup and so really yeah if we could get that to work that could be naked. Be really funny memorable crazy scene and so then You know we we wrote that up and honestly. That was one of the scenes actually. We knew the jokes of that one and so that was probably one of the scenes. Where in the table read. Because that's mostly what's funny is the jokes and a very straight reaction from the person where we were just hoping we would get someone who really would would just say you have to keep the baby. It doesn't matter. It's all in god's plan faced with this Unimaginably horrible situation and and so we then set about finding a place that would do this and that took months and months and months it was the hardest one of the hardest things for the field team to book. Because these places are so non trusting of a company comes in and says that we wanna film you. These places have been screwed over before they. You know they believe this stuff. That's this is their movement. This is they believe it's you know it's as simple as as murder and that's that and and that's the most important thing to them and so and it took a while and we had you know there's all these things that the field team does that are kind of all these the this very delicate process and then finally we found a place and we and we filmed it there and even that hours and hours and hours that went into that day that kind of all led up to that And and how do you prepare on that. How do you prepare the act you. Are you rehearsing that day. To sort of make it clear what the jokes are. How do you set up a scene like that. Because they like how daylight this really produce so itself on the road and the schedule was very tight and the scenes change all the time. That was the thing we do for a while. And we typically rehearsed the scenes the night before with session maria in a hotel room wherever we were and we would you know this is pre cova aid crowd a little crew. What someone from each department and no because at the same time. We're still coming up with ideas for props and for jokes and this and that so we have a writers and we have rebecca ten-day who created all these incredible props for the movie like just spur of the moment with zero resources and we have our ad dunkin white and we you know we just have this tight little room. We rehearse that we come with ideas and and the writers are kind of typing up every new job we come they come up with during that and preparing them so such maria can learn these jokes because basically what we do is rehearse different scenarios and if this real person says this here's something you can say if they say this if it goes in this direction here you can say. And here's the basic concept of these lines. We need that. We know we love and we want to get and then the. Here's some other things. If this happens this could happen. And then but also so much of it they would just improvise really come up with something new and follow a a scene. That was.

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