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Rick nash lifts stick little subtle play lipstick it goes by the two of them right into the slot different david back is coming through and bacchus makes it count that's left you've got a piece of it but the momentum of the puck carrying in which is a nice little play you won't get a point on it but making his presence felt in front of the net keep it a puck alive nicole mentioned sporting on the heels of the forty plus shots at the bruins had the other night really got shut out three nothing in florida we can get under some sticks tonight that's going to help us up rhetoric example right there behind the bruins net along the near side adam ernie shoveled it out in front ruins position deny that pass that's grizzly while defended by grizzly he's the man in front of the net trying to deny the passive front you don't have to get a stick up if you deny the pass in front to harass casino four shots on net couple of flash just wide tampa bay's had some zone time but the bruins have been able to manage them now behind the bruins ties up with podcast and the bruins will start to break out it's flipped up the middle out to center ice one on one here's johnny lost coming in the slot is riley nash nash just wide far wall now paquet will lift it out to the neutral zone home gloves it down and wingels if he touches it there's gonna be a whistle tampa bay grabs it here's callahan he'll shovel it to the far corner charge after riley nash collides in the far corner wingels will scoop it up puckett escape advanced by rast edgy onto will play off the wall and out under a minute to play here in the first two nothing bruins over the lightning back at his own line carlo place bank pass ahead for back as near circle shoots afflicted band celeski girardi little deep in his own that tie back a stretch use them as a screen went off his body and another one that deflects posture knock none of the near corner centered posture not gets it back posture knocked try to get it to marshon tyler johnson picked that went off near point now crew wrister hot extreme far the other way and the bruins will snap it out to.

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