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Bright is the earliest bids for the chillier than the whole thing is actually much darker in tone but there's a lot of coen brothers movies have been known to do right but i'm i'm hoping that you know cooney having worked with them so closely like he'll be able to really i it'll be passing through because glenys stuff has always been league direct tori lee has always been a little slightly turgid for me and like so to see him do something a little bit more tzippi i think we really interesting although we should also remember that george clooney's directing career isil amine mean as much as he has made some good movie since he's has very good taste like the last time that i can think of that he made a kind of comedic movies director was leather heads which did not work out that will actually and not realizing i didn't i didn't even see monuments men so that's a that's on me he that's not a comedy but i liked letterheads i didn't think that got a fair shake but i am all alone in that hey grew the odds march was good and good make good luck was good yeah now he's i think he's definitely deserves the the benefit of the doubt and confessions of a um what some of the ceremony tomorrow yeah yeah you know that not that of some most kind of anti cohen he i think that he is directed so it and that was that was a couple of you so mmhmm i feel like this could be in that same vein i'm excited it won't be a right but it will be a toronto citizen keaton going through the venice less because that is what is officially out as we do this entire it isn't quite others three billboards outside an ebbing missouri which i think we've talked about a cup times as france has been dormant and woody harrelson and it seems have some potential it's martin mcdonough who has the who made i in bruges which is kind of a famously darkly comic movie but the one i really want to get us talking about his mother which comes out in midseptember it said dare neared asky jennifer lawrence movie so the promotion forts really ramping up it feels like this movie is everywhere and it's putting premier inventiveness bridges their sentence commuted tell you right as well.

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