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Like Brooks, NewsRadio twelve hundred W O AI. Hindi overnight. We still are looking at the potential for a few showers and thunderstorms across the area, some of these gusty winds, maybe some brief heavy rainfall lows in the upper sixty showers and thunderstorms are likely Wednesday. If you could be severe with locally, heavy rain is up in the mid seventies. From the Weather Channel, I'm meteorologist Mark tibido on San Antonio official weather station. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. Breaking news on the hour at the half and anytime at W O, Y dot com. You by I mar credit union want to win a thousand dollars eight thousand bucks can't beat that. You're listening for your chance to win a thousand dollar an hour cash. Contest. Listen each weekday at thirty minutes past the hour from five thirty AM to eight thirty pm feet listening for the keyword and your chance to win in the thousand dollar an hour cash contests on NewsRadio. Twelve hundred w o a dozen WAI is brought to you by McLean. Optical glasses. People deeds McLean optical the glasses people since nineteen thirty eight all vision plans are welcome had deeds McLean. No plan. No problem. Full service, fair value provider. Log onto DM optical dot com. Locations in San Antonio, Berni, marble, falls and temple. It's the great outdoors sale at family leisure. Enjoy quality and comfort outdoors and a new patio set for peace collections from seven ninety-nine durable. Chase lounges only ninety nine dollars family. Leisure has a huge selection of umbrellas basis and covers hydrotherapy that's only nine hundred ninety nine fire fit starting at ninety nine dollars family leisure has the largest selection of above ground bulls only twelve ninety nine install high quality wooden swing set starting at eleven ninety nine stop in today. The great outdoors sale going on now at family leisure. In two thousand sixteen alone. Two point nine million US workers were injured on the job instruction transportation manufacturing oil and gas and agriculture were among the most dangerous industry for workplace accidents accidents can cause life altering injuries and lead to loss of work and income for families. If you were injured in a workplace accident, call Thomas J today one zero six five six one thousand ten fifty. Hi Carey Laki for.

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