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Caster. I've always loved it from the time that I saw to SMU documentary the thirty for thirty documentary Donald ESPN when they were talking about SMU program football or ram receiving the death penalty in the eighties and everybody was going back and forth. This shit happened. It shouldn't happen. And they'll handle it was called to say. Well, you know, they do kill you in Texas now always left at that lot. Because obviously the state had the death penalty. But you know, he was be crime. And he's like, hey, this is Texas now. This man spoke. I believe it was yesterday on his newscast about these coaches being Hyatt. I've always loved this, man. I love him even more. Now. Listen to what he had to say about the recent NFL, coaching firings and hirings player from John. But a lot of criticism of the Zona cardinals hiring cliff Kingsbury, their new coach, even my guys Mike and Jonah have been questioning that higher, but Kingsbury fits all the criteria to be a head coach in the NFL. He's an offensive genius. He's young and he's white and not necessarily in that order. There have been six new coaches hired so far all white and two coaches of color. They are replacing Stephen Wilkes fire to their zone after just one year. Vance Joseph in Denver after just two Cowboys coach Jason Garrett is in his ninth year, apparently because he wins so much a lot of people don't understand how Kingsbury can have a losing record at Texas Tech. No NFL experience and get one of the thirty two NFL jobs, but getting fired at tech doesn't eliminating for moving. Up. At least it doesn't to me. I've had eleven jobs at my life been fired from eight of them and moved up every time. And I am baragan enough to tell you. I think channel eight was right to give me another chance. But I am the product of white privilege in America. And I've never denied that. I wasn't either. If they made a poster by picture should be on it getting fired at one place and getting another chances the problem, but young talented coaches have covered not getting the chance that's a huge problem. The covert racism of the NFL ownership group was so bad the NFL had to make a rule. So that minority coaches could at least get an interview Cowboys secondary coach Chris Rashard has been interviewed. And there are reports saying he might get the Miami job after what he's done with this Cowboys defense. How could he not unless it is true? What black parents have been telling their children for decades? Now, you have to be twice as good to go half. As far I dream of the day. When those parents are wrong. Because now they're not. All I can say the Dale Hansen is. Thank you, sir. Thank you. Sincerely from the bottom. Amar? I really appreciate it. It eight say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six..

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