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And pay for ripple valley former deputy speaker the common success well on features writer for the sunday times leave our posner thank you once again for joining me we've been talking about russia but i wanted to get onto the sugar taxes story of the day she protects comes into force as of today and what that basically means is that if you drink has got more than five grams of sugar per million hundred milliliters of tax eighteen pence per litre if you've got more than eight grams per one hundred milliliters really runs you gotta face a higher retro tax or twenty four pence per litre now the idea about this we are told is to cut obesity but also to raise some money for school sports nigel it seems to be rather clear your other obesity by people not buying these drinks to buy enough of them and then you don't make any money all you're going to raise money for school sports you can't do both because if his if this tax actually works that surely then you will raise any money because because everyone will reduce their their sugar and we've seen a lot of these become drinks companies are reducing the sugar in their drinks and we'll also people buying few issue a good idea as well during the long summer holidays where you've got all these sports facilities in schools all locked up so that no youngsters in the community can go and play just open them all up all this stuff cans of cake and leakers aiden right beaner and all that sorta stuff and the fact is that if you ask yourself how much does a can of coke cost exactly no by this savings it's going to be a bit more than sixty people i it's going to be anywhere between let's say seventy five p and to great you know i it just depends where you buy from and how much they charge so adding another ten peon do anything listen it was effective on the plastic tax we know that and people do avoid paying an extra five p for a carrier bag but quite frankly when they're going around the supermarket you got a couple of kids and they all want a canon something issues ain't gonna tell identing that people will really balk it buying a bottle of coke because it's ten p.

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