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Two was getting out of Venice coming up Casanova and Father Bobby Flee Venice now back to the story escaped prisoners Giacomo Casanovas and father bobby docked at the port of stray in Venice mid morning on November. First Seventeen fifty six shortly after bobby disappeared as the morning turned afternoon. Casanovas searched everywhere for his partner in crime. He toyed with the idea of leaving bobby behind but he couldn't abandon the old priest. Whose own devices. If bobby was captured the inquisitors would know. Cazenove wasn't far behind. He eventually found Father Bobby relaxing. In a coffeehouse drinking hot chocolate and flirting with the waitress. Cazenove was livid. He dropped a few coins on the table. Grab Bobby by the arm and dragged him out into the streets. There was no time to properly chide him. They needed to keep moving just as they were about to. Hop into a carriage cazenove heard a voice calling out to him. You there Seniora. Cazenove turned around to find a familiar. Face Babo Tomasi an informant for the tribunal of the inquisitors according to Casanovas own memoir. They acquainted but it's unclear. How cazenove newsroom. Cazenove was surprised to see Tha Mossy standing there and even more surprised when Tomasi asked him point blank. How did you manage your escape from prison? Word had clear they travelled fast but Casanova pleaded cool. He said to Mossy was mistaken. He had been freed from prison. It was obvious that Tomasi did not believe in the port of mastery was crawling with police have Tomasi wanted cazenove arrested. All he had to do was yell for the nearest officer. Now informants for the inquisition. We're not necessarily loyal to the Venetian government. They were however loyal to their pocket. Books being an informant has always been a lucrative field. According to the FBI's confidential human source policy guide special agents in charge can pay each of their offices. Informants one hundred thousand dollars per year in Casanovas time the figures were similarly impressive informants like Balbo. Tomasi took their work seriously because they were paid handsomely for it. Casanovas didn't give Tomasi a chance to do his job. He grabbed Tomasi by the collar and raised his fist. In the air fully prepared to strike him to Mossy didn't put up a fight he ran away disappearing into the crowd. Cazenove cursed his fool of a companion had nearly cost him his freedom. Bobby had been helpful in the initial escape but now on the run he was turning into a liability casanovas resolved. It was time to ditch. The priest. Cazenove explained their delicate position. Where now being searched for everywhere and our descriptions have been circulated so accurately that we should be arrested at any in that. We dare enter together. But bobby refused to part ways. He reminded cazenove that they were in this together and that they had agreed to never separate. Despite the fact that Bobby had very recently done just that cazenove tried a different tactic. He picked up a shovel off the ground and waved at at Bobby Shouting. I am going to bury.

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