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Com. Time to check in with Mickey Ferguson over at Fox 60 What's going on for this Tuesday morning making how we doing? Hey, Good morning to you. J T We had those storms, of course Roll through overnight. That's the lead stories that we're talking about this morning. But as far as right now is concerned and for the rest of this morning, no severe storms are out there. Everything is pushing out of our area. Could get to see some sunshine for part of the day and then maybe a few scattered showers. Later on this afternoon. Our temperature is still warm getting up to about 69 degrees and we've got another chance of rain tomorrow. It won't be probably until Thursday morning. When we start to see that more winter like temperatures head back our way from the W B R c first alert Weather Center. I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's Morning news. And right now we've got some sunshine. Good news. 56 NewsRadio 1055 wkrc looking for an easier way to find your next call center or accounting job. It's time to get to know. Express employment professionals visit express pros dot com to find one of more than 830 locations to support any job search, and there's never a fee. So first thing in Alabama's morning continuing to bring you the latest from the tornado damage last night throughout the morning, so stay with us. As everybody is waking up in getting moving this morning. Good news is we have sunshine, No watches or warnings happening right now and the assessment in these neighborhoods where it hit eyes underway, so we'll have the latest throughout the morning during his self now Michael Barra to talk a little bit more about what's happening.

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