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I'm a Shannon in for the under the weather, Jason Matheson here with producer Don and the Lexus. We've decided it's kind of gross. Although we love her, um, kind of gross. You don't shower enough. And even if you did, even if you did, you're with the moldy towels. So I don't know if it matters. It's okay. Bawling my galloping like a properly Thank you very much. Thank you. Well done. Alexis Thompson. Thank you. I'll do so happy doing the Lord's work with your neediness. Thank you. Thank you. I have never been so wifey in my life. He okay? Um, well done laundry and cooking and baking. And, you know, keeping a house and nesting nest once in my life before this, I'm loving it, though. I really am I right? And I am not Yv. I'm wifey to myself, You know, kind of thing like I There's certain things that I'm like, Okay, you know, especially, I think when you have a kid my age, you know, it's It's It's one of those things were like there. You are pretty much 90% in control of this house between my kid and my cat. The parts that I choose to adult in I'm like this part will be adult ID like the rest of it. I'm like you have infused yourself into every other place. I want you to enjoy this. This is your house. I get it. But there are certain things that I'm like, Not today. Not today. Satan. We're not leaving this Al on the floor. You know, I think it's interesting Whenever you hear a story about someone that you know that we know is doing well now on going. Oh, my gosh. That probably was really hard for you. And I think it Z It's great when people give you a peek into their real life, everyday experiences, especially for somebody like Jason Momoa on DSA. So he was doing an interview recently and he was talking about how after his character got killed off on game of Thrones. He was strapped like he and his family. He and Lisa Bonet and their kids. They were like they went from. We were making it too like paycheck to paycheck and a ton of debt. Yeah, It's interesting to me when I saw this right to write, And I think that that makes sense because regardless of how much money you're making, if you go through a time period where you're not making that continue, it sounded like they had still a lifestyle. They still Yeah, they had a comfortable celebrity lifestyle, but That needed to have a It's not like they have savings after savings After safe thinks we're doing this whole thing. Yeah. How long has he been married to her? Sorry. No follow up Questions looked at quite some time. Yes, Go ahead and Google that for you while we're at it, Let's because I mean, it's been a while because they you know the other parts of the story that are always interesting is when the way that you talk about His relationship with her ex Lenny Kravitz. So he's been around long enough to now they've got like this bromance going on, too. And I like that story because it does seem like they adult. Well, you know, kind of thing where it's like, Okay, you know Lisa Banana and Lenny Kravitz. They need to be together each other. But that doesn't mean that they both need to go and dive down a well and they have to hate each other, especially when you have kids. And so I'm just figuring things out that it's cool that they can find a way to extend their family and have it all work out. So they've been together for the deal right there, Right. We were married in 2017. They'd been together I was I was thinking back like the first time I saw him and I was a big fan of Star gate. Yes. So he was on Stargate Atlantis for five seasons or something. And I'm like, Where is that star gate money, Right? But But I think my mom watches all those star Gates shows. Yeah. I don't think that Star Gate money. It was. It was more money than you and I make, But it's far a celebrity status or living in L. A status status where you are now with another celebrity, exactly Right. And what's Lisa Bonet Been doing movie every once in a while on the album? Not a lot. You And so you know, I've been together since 2007 Mary 2017. Okay. It's funny that you have that reaction because my first reaction to reading the headline about he's They were starving and they were in so much debt and they were starving to death, I think is what he said right? Something like that. He And I'm thinking Really? You were right. Really? E think it's a definition for you is a S. So it didn't seem as relatable to me as maybe You know, I still think I'm hearing his no bumps in the road, right? I agree with you that it's you know, you know, he's talked about this before because before he got Even the Atlantis job. I believe it was. No, no, not that. Not that Atlantis. The Stargate Atlantis when he was like living in the back of his van, like before. He got released The name okay. Like, didn't have that story. Yeah, first. Yeah, So when he was still like, because I think he went from starving artist that looked good, too slowly making more money. And then went through. I think he did. What a lot of those celebrities did is that he started the lifestyle before he had the same money. That's what I'm imagining. Exactly. So that's what I think he did is that They weren't starving. Like you and I We're we're like, Okay, Let's go figure out how to get on assistant starting eat Rahman for a week. Right here at the were at the food shelf. You know, kind of thing where we've been at that point in our life before, but he definitely was on that. Okay. I decided I needed new clothes. And I put it on my credit cards. Now I could get a credit card. Well, before I couldn't you know, you're right. Bunch of exactly, And so at least they figured it out. And hopefully they learned from those lessons. Hard toe. Not judge, though, whenever you're like, What are you talking about? Once you get a TV show you're making. You know how much an episode 20,000 right at least. And so you'd hope so lifestyle ups too, I guess if you Yeah. Which is why I'm making money. So financial planners. They do not do that. They're also like you need to live like you used to. Now, since he was living out of a van. Maybe not that but right, like make some good life choices in case that stuff goes away, like OK now, Yes, Aqua man money, And I think that he even acknowledged like, okay, then I got Aqua man and I got into this superhero thing and it's really paid off for me. But they're always all these actors. There's so many of them and you kind of forget about them. And then you're like they're still trying to work. Well, it's hard for them to agree, obviously, and they feel nervous that they're gonna lose gigs. That's why soap opera actors have such a good gig. Yes, right. And a lot of these other ones. You're like you have no control over whether that show gets canceled or where they kill off your character. Yeah, they might love you and you still have to go. So so we have to go right. We go to break I think we need to go in the break. So, um I I want to get to take on a new thing that's coming up at McDonald's very, very soon When we get back. You're listening to the Jason unless the show I'm machine and that's Alexis and producer Don will be right back on my talk. 171 Have you heard Donna and Steve lately?.

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