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Alavi? Being grounded. No. Low. Wilson says he was surprised when he first saw Yancey. She was a teenager a young lady. Now, not the baby he'd last seen in Guatemala. Up for four. Next week. Papaya viewpoint. UNC says she'd only known her father through photographs and seeing him for the first time was indescribable that being with him made her feel safe Wilson and Yen-si folded themselves into a new life together. UNC started going to high school learning English and grew close to her younger siblings. Then about a year later. Wilson gets that second call while he's out on the job. I mean, heavy many, okay? Don will kind of like, I say from you. It was his wife there were immigration agents at their house. Wilson's wife. One of them on the phone the agents assured Wilson, they just needed him to sign some important papers about Yancey so Wilson rushed home and before he could reach the front door the agents, surrounded him matters. The mayor familiar. Wilson says they handcuffed him outside his house while his children were watching. He says the agents told him he was going to be deported. And let him say goodbye to his family..

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