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Are you at hunt valley horsepower. I. Am dedicated, committed. Not too bright Yeah pretty much Is it raining out there at the president went out, here this morning. It was raining and so we stood under the? Category, Arn rooster And then. We're gonna break according to the radar right at an hour cloudy A little bit of a breeze and it's really nice out here and there's probably two to three hundred cars think that I'm, going to start playing my girl for you because, I think like Bob Turk I ain't happening but. Thank you for the weather report I appreciate that keeping us informed of what's going on. And they had a we had a caller call fancy schmancy that a caller actually called was talking about a windshield now I gave him the answer and you could tell me, whether I'm right or wrong he had an unfortunate situation where a windshield wiper right in the middle of the storm flew off his car left that left the metal parts For a little while I told him that if he could take his fingernail and actually feel that Cut in? The, windshield was. Pretty much, dead meat and needs a windshield am I right yeah pretty much I mean Wingfield shop is probably Find somebody that out Scratches on windshield says it's just like you need to remove your need to remove the material. That's around the scratch you're, not, actually removing scratch right. If that makes sense so what happens with glances you'll get a distortion and a lot of, guys won't touch anything especially if it's in, driver's vision that exactly but even passenger vision of the technicality of Maryland is. In the white, vision so, it's. Definitely of course yes Like, I, said the find somebody. That'll do that guaranteed our work that's going to be tough and you'll you'll probably pay more, than what he does have with you'll put, it.

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