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So just something to note that if you Francis gonna lose renards can be part of that loss, is what a lot of us are thinking because she she makes mistakes, and big moments green geogra- made four changes to our lineup. Our last lineup. France had already clinched a spot. Do you think that's what we saw on the underwhelming French performance? Or did you see some actual cause for concern for this French team? Now, I saw for changes in the lineup. I saw resting some veterans and to find out how good their death really is that death had a hard time against very well. Organized conservative Nigerian team that was focused on getting a point. This team had won change for Nigeria, I came in at midfield, and that meant that they going to sit back a little bit there, of course, going to try to unsettle France with using their aggressiveness, and it was so fun. Watching more data go against Magyari, and that was such a fun battle. But if they were it was kind of a catch twenty two if they went for in got exposed, France could convert, but they had to their would they were trying to go for a draw, and we're going to need some help? Right. We're going to four points and get in. So they decided to go for the draw. Yeah. And they almost they almost worked. Yeah, it almost worked. And I think really also the fact that they lose in the end by only the one goal may end up serving them. Yes. Well in that in the math. It ends up deciding which of those four third place teams will advance the final match then Norway, South Korea. Norway winds two to one over South Korea. Norway gets two penalty goals in the first half caroliina Graham Hansen scores the first she drew the second. It's airlifts then converts it, but maybe the bigger story than is Carolina. Graham Hanson, came off after that second penalty when we look at Norway, this is a team that has won this tournament in the past. Yes, you gotta go way back to nine hundred ninety five they played very well at moments throughout the group phase, Canvey make a run. Once we get to knock out play if this injury to Graham Hansen keeps her out of the lineup or is in. No, it's straight. It's that strange. Graham Hansen is a special player and isn't she? Only special player. No, no, that's super impressed. Angen. In a different way, in a different way, in terms of coming in two years, or coming in there, inverted wingers. I our into, but I would I think like real difference makers. Maybe it's only different. You're right. She sees the game differently than everybody else. I just don't think they have a ton of depth Joe and then add, someone that has that she rolls her ankle though. So if you're going to really rank, you're gonna be really stuff tomorrow, if too high ankle sprain, you're going to play through it, but it's going to be brutal. Hopefully it's not a high ankle sprain, but it's still going to be tender. And once you get moving it'll be okay, but once you stop it. That's when it hurts. So she will not be as affective or she will be feeling pain, every time she plays if she if she if she can go on. And that's a huge huge, that's probably the biggest one you don't you won't you don't want to go down on one injuring has been wonderful. Good. Alright hand. I ain't good has was better against France. Not so much against Nigeria, I thought played poorly, but Graham Hanson is good. She's solid real quick on South Korea. They do finally get a goal about twelve minutes from the end of their tournament. The number thirteen mingy scores. Great great assist. Yeah. It's a nice goal. You were kind of like, well where was that the, the whole tournament, I guess, that's my takeaway on the South.

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