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Federal prosecutors. Say they will aggressively pursue the people involved in this week's direction. A reporter asked the united states attorney in washington. Dc whether that included the president and the answer came back quote. We are looking at all actors capital police chief. Stephen son has submitted his resignation. After the attack still many people ask whether law enforcement is taking this seriously enough as a matter of timing yesterday video circulated of people who said they had been part of the mob outside the capitol they hung around gave interviews took selfies and talk proudly of what they had done. So why were they not rest. Npr's hannah lamb has been following this story. Good morning hannah. Good morning so among others in in this group cunanan conspiracy theorists white power groups militias the proud boys gang known for violence two days later. How are they reacting. What are they saying. Overall there's been a lot of celebration and bragging portray themselves as patriots but reactions did split somewhat after the president's condemnation video with some feeling that the president had betrayed them. I wanna play you a little bit of what megan squire to say on this. She's a professor at elon university in north carolina who monitor sparring networks. She says the reactions to the storming of the capital tend to fall into three categories. So i there are the sympathizers. A probably weren't there. They're all over social media and on regular media. These are the ones who were you know blooming antifa. They're making up stuff about that. This was a false flag and then there are the ones who were thrilled to be there. She says who felt like they're making a stand air taking bounty shots. Trophy picks making memes. Just talking it up. Yeah complete lack of remorse and finally. There's the group squire usually studies. These are the hard core white supremacist. She says they're thinking long term about how to capitalize on the incident for recruiting an expansion and again many of these factions have been talking about violent uprisings for years. I watched some of the video. That steve mentioned where people were outside like. Yeah i stormed in. I was teargassed. Many people question why those folks were out there making videos and not being arrested or the authorities taking this seriously if we think back from to two thousand seventeen the deadly unite the rally in charlottesville. That was this watershed moment for public awareness of the violent far right and you know. Us authorities consider this the deadliest to most active domestic terrorism threat. The fast forward nearly four years in some of the same white supremacist figures from charlottesville. We're at the capital wednesday part of another violent mob and this time the hard extremists are alongside suburban families. Conservative voters who've been radicalized. Disinformation and conspiracy a so far. Police have made more than ninety arrests. Federal authorities have charged at least fifty people with more expected as they crowdsource suspects from photos and videos so over the years. We have seen some changes in how federal authorities prioritize investigate these crimes but many extremism analysts. I talk to say they're still a long way to go. The trump administration has routinely played down the right wing threat and said the real danger was activists movements like antiphon black lives matter and speaking of which this summer racial justice protesters were teargassed arrested and tackled. That just is not what we saw with these folks this week. That's right. that's been a key criticism. Ashley howard teaches history and african american studies at the university of iowa. Talked to her yesterday. And she says this is not an aberration it fits into a pattern of responses to white mob violence the terror that we see here and the lack of response in equivalent response once again really highlights that crisis just brings out things. We already know about this country at amplifies. The trends and themes in the narratives of american history so while we are seeing arrests and condemnation critical questions remain really about whether the longtime minimizing of the threat from the extreme-right paved the way for their shocking security lapses. We saw this week. Npr's hannah.

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