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Could do it, but it wouldn't be the same years ago. I came up with a TV show idea. Oh, and actually wasn't even TV show it was it was an event. Was a one night on Lee event and I wanted to get Cloris Leachman. And Betty White and Ruth Buzzi on and the these women in Hollywood who have survived the test of time, and I wanted to get him on a stage one night with bourbon and I want to call it the broads Nice. And I wanted them to tell the story of old Hollywood and what it was like to come up and what we really didn't know and what things were really like and what it was like to be an actress and how you made that career possible and just get into the nitty gritty, dirty stories. Oh, my gosh. And I'm like I would love to do this show. But I know I could never host it into me. I would if I could just get Tina Fey to host this thing way could do this, And it's like to know that you lost out on some of those opportunities closely. Just that woman made me laugh. Absolutely positively. Terrific. If you get the spicy, not let us know what what you think with the cake, Don canyon and other seasonings thistles, he drink smoke. I would never do that. This is emotional management. I'm Dr Christian Conte, once a prison nurse told an inmate that she was appalled that she heard a particular celebrity say an alarming phrase on television. When the inmate pointed out that she uses that very same phrase herself quite frequently. Her response was here, but I would never do that on TV. Few people on the planet want to admit that they act and hypocritical ways, but most if not all of us, definitely do. We often rationalize.

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