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For schools without H vac systems or proper air filters that could make it tough for them to stop the spread of Cove. It. WBC's Kim Tunnicliffe has more on that Attleboro High School was able to work with the city to get air purifiers for classrooms where in person learning is taking place. Principal Bill Rooney says Windows in those rooms on Lee have to be open by an inch or two, but was single digit temperatures opening a window. Even an inter to it can get mighty cold and arraignment today delayed for a woman from Marshfield. Accused of murdering her husband, Christine reach He was arrested yesterday after her husband Michael, was found with stab wounds, was pronounced dead at a hospital nearby in court today, Richie collapsed in court, for reasons unclear At this point. Those proceedings now pushed back until Monday. I'm Nicole Davis. It's night side with Dan Raymond WBZ TV, Boston's news radio. All right, we're gonna go to the phone. So again, we have never to the best of my knowledge. Talked seriously about life beyond what we know here on Earth. I know that. That many of you have strong feelings one way or the other. So let's see what you what you think. And I love to get to react to what again Avi Loeb, professor Avi Loeb of Ah, Harvard. University, the chair of the history of Astronomy department, said his book again is extra terrestrial on. It's one that I hope some of you get a chance to read. I know I will try to get one the first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth and Just, uh, it's it's an amazing It's an amazing theory. Let's go to Joe in Belmont, Joe Euronext on night side. How are you tonight, Joe? Joe's Not there. We'll put him on hold. Let's go to John. Let's put your one hold. We lost Joe. Let's go to John in New Bedford. Hi, John. How are you tonight? Yeah. How you doing? I've talked with you before. Sure. This is a This is a This is a question. It's the immense distances between stars and especially between um Galaxies that adds multitudes of distance to it. It's very tough to know it's very tough to get something something strong enough to be able to eat some sort of electronic signal to be able to get anything about to learn anything, however. I write an article you know, within the last year that said, for the first time ever, we've did even just within our galaxy. The Milky Way with everyone was pretty sure that we have detected the fact. That there are planets around some of the sun's that exist in our galaxy. You know, it's a great big galaxy like everything else. So so the galaxy just so everybody, we're all on the same page. Get him in the hole to start. We have you know more about this than I do. So let me just that much more. Let me learn a little bit from you. So we have the solar system that writes for the sun all the way out to Plato. I'm not even sure if Pluto's still planning don't know what it is. Okay, So my question. My question is, I'm not gonna rush. Okay? My question is Always solar system is part I assume of a larger galaxy the Milky Way. Okay, Good fire. We're one of the fringes of the Milky Way. It's one of a disc shaped with a hump in the middle of that has a much more scars that are around us. But we're mad. We're in that Milky way And there are other Galaxies as you've heard the nearest other Galaxies Andromeda. From which we get the movie title. The Andromeda Strain. You know the fictitious idea that someone from Andromeda galaxy some living thing came and infected or earth and everything we don't care about that. We're just saying we're in the Milky Way. And we're one of many, many Galaxies. The more you look, the better. Your detection mechanisms are higher, resolute, higher activity. Your radar has, the more you can detect that there is no limit water space. In fact. They've said that the fact that it keeps trying down getting way confused, then the fact that this separation between the distant Galaxies appear to be speeding away from each other all of the different Galaxies from the creation. You're postulating 14 Million. Whatever. They're saying that that time ago. They're all separate, Ready way. But what they even had to invent a universal gravitational constant. That is really what black matter is. It is something that holds them from continuing to speed faster and faster away. It's speeding away. There are speeding way, but they're slowing a little bit, And there's postulating black matter, But it's the same, but at the same time our relationship Meaning Earth relationship with sun, which is always amazed me with means. Approximately during the course the anywhere from 93 93 years traveling by loves John, You're trying to get a lot in here, and I know what I'm trying to be. Oh, trying to actually have a conversation with, you know, that probably sounds. Far into you, but I'm trying to make a point. If you let me conclude. I want to get your reaction to it. Okay? Yeah. Okay. Well, my reaction is yes. I think there hasn't even know what I'm gonna make. John, I'll listen. You're asking about that. Okay, John, I'd rather have rather hear from you Go ahead, just rather whether I you asked your question was whether Because the are the privy listeners think that there is a possibility of life on other planets. That's all you're really asking, right? That wasn't what I was gonna ask you, but that's okay. Well, I do and I'll give you my reasoning. I read a good article in Scientific American and I'm not in a Saturday. I'm not really even a science major. But I remember that there was a smart kid kind of rigid guy at U Chicago where I went to school back in the sixties and the guy named Deming. There was a guy named Jimmy and I noticed in this article recently in Scientific American. There was an article by a guy named Deming at the University of Maryland. Who and they the article that I was reading said This was the very first time that Anybody had ever even proved in a way that there are other planets. That could be much like ours there that there are other planets. Okay, Okay. Appreciate that. I appreciate I appreciate your call very much. You got to get to some other callers. Thank you very, very much. Appreciate your call. The point. I was trying to make the John and I just so you know, is that yes, I understand the Galaxies and all of that are expanding. And I don't quite get my my wrap my arm my head around it. However, one thing that I think is interesting is we believe that Earth has been around five billion years. Uh and I realized that temperatures have changed and all of that, but our relationship between Earth and the sun has remained 92 93 million miles apart and that if we were 10 million miles closer to the sun As I understand it, and those of you who know more about this than I do. Please feel free to correct me. Um, if we're 10 million miles closer, son, we burn up. If we're 10 my 10 million miles further away. Uh, all life dies because we freeze And yet for some reason, we have stayed in that orbit around the sun, which gives us life, so that's one that I've always had a tough time. Um Understanding how it could stay so so constant Marcus in Boston, Marcus next on nights I go right ahead. Hey, how you doing, Dan? Hey, Marcus. Nice to hear your voice. What's on your mind tonight, Marcus? Well, I'm you know, I I believe I'm a psychic. So I'm going to tell you from a psychic support of you. So we're it. There is no other people out there. It's just with were the ones on I'm telling you because We have a structure which leads you know you Catholic, You know that. The difference between animals and humans is that we have a soul. And they always get to God. There's the spirit world and it's so complex and I can't see that existing on any other planet. I guess I just can't Fathom that. I think what? We're the only ones out. There s o. You're certain that Marcus, How did you come to that conclusion? I'm just saying, we're so complicated. Our systems are so complicated. We don't know what's in the ocean. We don't know what's down there, and there's life down there, but we don't know anything about it. And I just believe that my feeling is that we're somehow linked. Um Seriously. Okay. I don't never listen sense, but I mean, well connected to the spirit world. And, uh, well, you know, Well, let's hope so. That's one hope that I think most people who have religion of any type. I believe that there was there something beyond what we're doing here. Um, whether that's true, we can't prove that, uh, On the other hand, no one can disprove that. That's right. Which makes it. I guess I.

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