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Where the reiter who originally this fund that out our produce concened love purdue okay i think they might would die whoa whoa whoa let's open you sears bro there's no chance that i'll bet you i'll bet you i'll give you money on what is it it might not even be posted plus seventy year i'll ah i like the over in the skin jeff problem moves the ball wisconsin it's what was when wisconsin gets running what they did in nebraska sconces like alabama and away and i know people are going to get mad at me for that because they're not the same team but they'll run the ball and they can still hit overs running the ball because they'll get those like long ron's and they'll just fucking beat a team down and it was just like you don't have as many pawns you just have like these drives it always end up in touch shelves so the hit it with nebraska by just running the boss also graf um were you guys got for auburn lsu love aubert lover i love auburn to twelve r acom fucking kodro got hey own dog he goes dubbed you think it's we all of auburn that i mean i lawyers are just bilingual ever entails guys dog amount creole run yeah lose and example them they can't block this was night if this was night i will take lsu but it's not and i think operates gonna win this game so guess what if anyone who's listening we ought to set auburn so that means it's toughly lsu all right what about the red river shootout anyone got any thoughts on oklahoma texas.

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