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Npr news in washington on janine herbs army sergeant beaubourg doll has been given no prison time for walking off his army base in afghanistan in two thousand nine and was subsequently captured by the taliban and held prisoner for five years the judge also gave her a dollar dishonorable discharge to an reduced his ranked to private saying he has to forfeit ten thousand dollars of his pay the thirty one year old pleaded guilty to desertion and missed behavior before the enemy prosecutors had asked for a 14year sentence saying his actions put others at risk for dolls defence team though said he was dealing with mental health issues when he made the decision to leave the base as the investigation into russia interference with you as presidential election continues president trump insists there was no collusion with russia as an pierced hammer keith reports those remarks come as trump departs for nearly two weeklong trip to asia on the south lawn of the white house reporters asked president trump about the march 31st 2016 meeting where according to court documents an adviser to his campaign said he had russian connections and could arrange a meeting with russian president vladimir putin trump downplayed it another budget four remember much about at the time trump had been under pressure to name his foreign policy advisers and even tweeted out a photo of the meeting late last month the president boasted he has one of the great memories of all time temer keith npr news the white house china today rejected claims that its flooding the us with opioid drug such as fanta now enters anthony q and has more from beijing police counternarcotics official we xiaojin said at a press conference today that there's no evidence that most of the sentinels sold in the us comes from china although he admits some does make it into the us china has outlawed sentinel and many of its variance but produce shares crank out new forms of.

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