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Free throw line is now with this Indiana defense needs and it's Jack Carter going to the strike. And all checking all how about this sack Roberts who? Not seeing tonight has come out on the floor. Roberts is on the floor. The wall for the first time we anticipated based on what Archie told us in our pre game that he might he probably would not play tonight. But apparently that toe or foot or whatever is feeling a little bit better. So my gravitas in the ball game free throws on its way by Carter. He missed it. And the rebound taken out of their buyback Roberts off the Rubio Langford now, Indiana brings it down the court Romeo's got the basketball between the circles starts to the right side. Looking for a screen gets it from cliff more than exit back to the top at left in the hands of mcroberts out to Justin spec. They I'll Durham Durham bulls up. Let's go an eighteen footer Dr. Al Durham hits a second field. The ball game is fourth. Boy, the extra work. He's done on shooting. The basketball is starting to pay off big time hip twenty-seven seventeen Indiana, ten point lead. Here is me down low throws up a shot more. They're shocked Carter. Get back home, but a dunk. Twenty seven nineteen Indiana Roberts throws it outside the Lanker Langford. Now dribbles to the right. Pulls up throws it out. The Justin Smith dot Roberts, mcroberts, drives it inside. And now, what are they called illegal screen on Justice, man? That's his third foul Attleboro Pfitzner alphabet. So three now. Justin smith. He's the first Hoosier from bladder to get three fouls on a silly reach and thirty feet from the basket. And then on a on a ball screen. We're Indian has got Zack mcroberts ball. Who's at good player? Dom banana guy that you expect? Wall Street for the top of the key and ham drive all the way to the basket. Just to fouls really unnecessary fouls. Justice midnight. He's going to be on the bench Zach saw sadness. Well, so both of them go to the bench. Now the pass down low to me he works on. Evan Pfitzner inside puts up a little job. Look at MRs rebound, dourson backup missed and now the battle for the rebound and Al Durham saves at the Robbi Alankar. And what are they gonna say stepped on the line to pass it any? That's exactly what Terry Weimer calls this. This is that we talked about in the pre game on this front court from the Rutgers scarlet knights is really starting to show here. That's the sixth offensive rebound for Rutgers here. They're getting a lot of second chance opportunities. That are keeping them in this ball game Indiana's up eight but Rutgers with a chance to cut into that lead some more and the bathroom Baker down into me. He was back to Baker Baker back. Home Marie throws up. A little ten photo. The short rebound out there. It'll be a long Indiana, baths out of bounds. Roy couldn't save it. So Evan will trigger the inbound pass. We are seeing different combinations than we've seen all year in this game for Indiana tonight. Here's rob Tennessee off the Al Durham left. We just got back in Durham drives right pulls up lays it up. Durham gives his six point of the ball game. As he continues to weave is way through traffic, and it is twenty nine nineteen Indiana by ten once again drive by geo Baker all the way scoops it up and nobody stopped him fister. Was the only guy you had a chance to be in that position. Twenty-one fister will let go a three off the rim. No good and that. Yup. And bounced out of bounds actually Mathis tried to save him from going out any bounce the ball back on the out of bounds line. So he was the last touching the edible habit when play resumed we're down to three thirty six left here in the first half. Indiana leads twenty nine.

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