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Reason she got up on The bed and she looked out the window. She must have something on a lot of never said that they heard noises and gunshot. The police want to locate two people who were at the scene. Police Chief Julie Merrill calls them persons of interest. They were in front of the building, trying to steal a bicycle when the bullets sailed through the window. Anyone with information should call Crime stoppers at 1 805 77 Tips. Carol D'Auria 10 10 wins in Jackson Heights wins news time to 43. The number of Corona virus case is still going up in six of them. Eight in New York City cluster neighborhoods. The positivity rate is over. 6% in Borough Park, Bensonhurst and Graves end in response, 11 mobile testing sites are being moved into these cluster areas. And so called testing block parties will be held with tents that can handle about 500 tests per day. Mayor De Blasio says they're also doing more outreach for 100. Plus police officers will be out in these communities, providing information providing free mass, reminding people that they are required to wear masks. And obviously in the case where there is noncompliance, issuing summonses for 100 from the NYPD to 250 compliance officers from other city agencies and approximately 300 members of the test and Trace court. Governor, Cuomo says it's time to get up. We are past public education on mask wearing, says Governor Cuomo. And if the locals won't enforce the state law, he will. I would need the local governments to assign a number of their police to the state police for a task force. And I will take it. People who don't wear masks. In his sharpest comments yet on local enforcement governor Cuomo is blaming the incompetence of New York City, Rockland in Orange County governments for allowing growing covert clusters and competent, ineffective government will cost lives almost says 20 Hot spot. ZIP codes now have infection rates averaging five times the state average. Unchecked, says the governor, and we will again start seeing community spread. Al Jones 10 10 wins news Well, starting tomorrow, middle and high school kid's head back to class in the city is part of the blended learning plan, which Mayor de Blasio says is going great. As of this morning 870 schools open In New York City with in person learning for the Children. Yes, they went very well. Mayor says they have a situation room that monitors all the schools, covert cases, safety etcetera. He noted that while there is an uptick in the certain ZIP codes that is not translating, he said to an uptick in covert 19 cases in public schools in those areas. As of tomorrow, A total of 1600 schools will be reopened along with 1000 pre K and three K sites. 68 degrees now sunny skies, the humidity 46%. We're headed down to 58 in Central Park wins news time 2 45 in response to last night's chaos..

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