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Clamoring to get the vaccine. This just is not helpful. Covert coverage by the us national media is an outlier study. Finds bruce sacra dot an economics. Professor at dartmouth college noticed something last year about the cove nineteen television coverage. He was watching on cnn pbs. It almost always negative regardless of what he was seen in the date or hearing from scientists he knew when cova cases were rising in the us. The news coverage emphasized the increase when cases were falling the coverage instead focused on those places where cases were rising and vaccine research began showing promising results coverage downplayed as far as he could tell if he was not sure whether it's perception but he wasn't sure if he is perception was correct to check. He began working with two other researchers building database of coverage from every major news network. Cnn fox news politico the new york times and hundreds of other sources in the us and overseas the researchers did analyzed it with a social science technique that classifies languages positive neutral negative. The results show that sacra dots instincts were right and not just because the pandemic had been mostly grim story the coverage by us publications with national audience has been much more negative than coverage by every other source that the researchers analyzed including scientific journals major international publications in regional us media the most. Well read us. Media are outliers in terms of negativity. Molly coca co author of the study told me about eighty seven percent of covid coverage national. Us media last year was negative. The sheer was fifty one percent and international media fifty three percent. Us regional media and sixty four percent scientific journals notably the coverage was negative in both us media outlets liberal audiences like msnbc and those with conservative audiences like fox news. Sacramento's careful to emphasize that he does not the journalists usually report falsehoods. The issue is what facts. They emphasize still the new study which the national bureau of economic research is published as a working paper titled. Why is all cova. Bad news calls for some self reflection in the media and impossibility. They will not self reflect in part of this. Let's be honest was all about trump as well but the negative coverage actually continues even now into the biden administration. The negative coverage is continuing led by. Dr fauci. Telling people stay home. It doesn't matter. Stay home It doesn't matter you can't you you can't go outside. You've got to wear your masks at some point. The assumption of the risk has to take some level of precedent overall of this washington. Examiner has great editorial today to consider. We are fast approaching the point in the coronavirus pandemic at which the supposed cure is almost as bad as the disease. This isn't about the johnson. And johnson vaccine this is about the closure and restrictions on civil society on main street and on businesses where people get together. Governments rover year have demanded compliance from restaurants. Movie theater storefronts gyms play places and countless other third places the closures the sanitation rules the capacity limits on these institutions has been based more in fear and outdated practice than in science but proprietors along yet for many businesses. There was simply no way under these owners rules to pay the bills. The curie inc for example announced this month the permanent closure of its arclight cinemas and pacific eater chain citing the heavy losses incurred or the pandemic..

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