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We are on track to get the second coronavirus vaccine approved by the end of the week on tuesday. The fda confirmed that modernist to dose vaccine is safe and effective in the first week of its roll out about six million doses will be shipped out. The government also bought another one hundred million doses from madonna for a total of two hundred million at a cost of three point. Two billion dollars. Sarah overall health care reporter at politico joins us for more good vaccine news. Thanks for joining us sarah. Well happy to be here. It seems we're on the same track as we were last week with pfizer vaccine. The fda has cleared the path for the second coronavirus vaccine to be approved. This is the one from dirna. It's very similar to the pfizer. Vaccine the fda panel will go through it make recommendations and hopefully over the weekend and early next week will already be seeing shots administered of the modern vaccine. So sarah tell us a little bit about what. The fda panel has said about this vaccine. They said it's safe and effective. This is basically for last week. So the five vaccine was authorized by fda last week on very similar data which is why we are pretty confident about the trajectory for this modano. One we expect that after a expert advisory panel meets on thursday. The fda could be authorizing as soon as friday morning as it did with pfizer. And then we will have a cd panel meeting over the weekend talk about recommendations for who this goes to i love because they are really similar vaccines they have a very similar technology called messenger. They also have almost identical effectiveness rate. We can expect some of those same. Things are important distinctions for them down. I want especially with certain populations that they have different data for for instance. It shows that it's more effective than younger people than it is and people over the age of sixty five. That could be a really important distinction as we've always doses out and find out that maybe the pfizer one is more ideal for nursing homes and the modano one might be more ideal for people who work in high exposure areas but aren't necessarily as old as somebody who's anymore foldable situation. So these are the things we're gonna find out over the next few days but you're right we could as of next week have millions more doses to be shipping out across the country the initial round of doses are obviously limited. How many doses are we going to be able to see. Go out in the first push. So they're actually willie more of the dancers in the first person there were the size are ones government. Officials have said that nearly six million will be put out in more than three thousand sites next week if we do have this authorized which were expected to that's in comparison to two point nine million doses from tyzzer that are going out as we speak and two point nine million from visor that have been held back for a second dose so between the two of them each has promised twenty million doses a piece this month which is forty million total but they all are veterans. You can think of this as twenty million very high need people getting doses this month. There was some criticism with the government's action on the pfizer vaccine for not buying that extension or extra doses. But on this case with the modern vaccine the us did exercise their right to buy one hundred million additional doses of moderna vaccine. Tell us a little bit about that. And then the costs associated with it because this one is a little more closely tied to operation warp speed. The government gave him a during a more money to develop this whole thing exactly and so they had options with both of those pharmaceutical companies to buy one hundred million doses originally but the option to buy hundreds of millions more with each of them to chris. Them lately has been They did not exercise that option when they could have with visor so they had an option to buy up to five hundred million doses. Some them and according to her they offer that to be got multiple times in the government. Didn't take them up on that and so they moved on. They have signed multiple different agreements with other countries in the world. I mean think about the entire world wants these highly effective vaccine so kind of to them that loss or to shore up our supplies here in the united states. The united states announced late last week that they would die a hundred million more of the moderna vaccine and not brings its total cost montana to three point. Two billion dollars which is eye-popping. But when you think about how much is company which has never mass produced a vaccine product ever before moderna. This is going to be there. I authorized product. This is a huge undertaking. That's why there's so much money going towards this. So you can think about this as the us trying to shore up its supplies in this arena but it also has multiple other payments out there with six manufacturers total to get if everything goes right. Nine hundred billion doses. That might seem like a lot like way too much for the us but we don't know how many of those are going to work we even just last week. That a vaccine from synovium glaxosmithkline is going to be delayed until the end of two thousand twenty one because they didn't get really good results. So this is why the us government betting so big and the moderna vaccine for its part is easier to ship and store than the pfizer. One is so you know. Maybe this vaccine will make it into rural areas a little more easily. So there's benefits you know in pros and cons to each one kind of on their self. At least a good thing that they bought a bunch of those extra orders and last thing. I wanted to ask. Real quick was just about how the moderna vaccine protects. There's been things it can Use severe effects of corona virus. They're hoping obviously that it'll reduce transmission rates but that's kind of what the focus was of their study as well and just how effective this would be so that was something he land in the food and drug administration's briefing documents tuesday morning with that. Not only is this. Affective broadly whether the suggestion that after the first dose in my even have curbed infections. And you might think that's pretty obvious. That's what vaccine you supposed to do. But we don't actually know yet. How effective vaccine would be at preventing transmission which is kind of the ultimate goal. We don't want people to have to get sick in the first place. This indicates that the magenta vaccine might be able to do that. And then like you said with severe cova illness. There are really promising results. From the moderna vaccine. There were thirty severe illnesses and you perceive a arm and none in the vaccine arm. That's great news so we actually have between us and visor to really promising candidates. I out of the gate. We kind of expect for better to be honest to now. It's you know it's the challenge of getting this out to people getting it to the people who need it most right away and meeting the demand that we know we're going to have in the united states and also in the world sarah overall health care reporter at politico. Thank you very much for joining us. Thank you for having me. I'm oscar ramirez and this has been reopening america. don't forget the for today's big news stories. You can check me out in the daily podcast. Every monday. 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