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And of james dome associated fast about keeping allan houston around why don't you just make allan houston the general manager tell our houston you know what comeback from west chester forget about run in that team and how 'bout you run the new york knicks i'm when we could almost see that coming anyway right that's ultimately what conclusion that those two sides we're gonna work towards in the next coming years and i've instead it last week if you're growing allan houston for something you don't give him a bigger role with this basketball team forget about westchester steve males let steve mills be the business guy let's feedmills one madison square garden entertainment or whatever which by the way he did a great job during the first time around which also included a sexual harassment suit on the company let's not forget that david griffins not a first time or like chauncey billips jay a guy who played the game came in in in a wanted to establish himself on the business side of things and they weren't going to lowball him or you're going to try to force these other people with more experience on him say well your first time gm you haven't done this thing that long so we're gonna keep these other guys around to help you out just until you get your feet wet and you get in swing of things david griffin knows what the heck he's doing david griffin has seen the nba finals he's had a team that's one championships nothing that can be said about the current guys right now in madison square garden and i don't know how many of you actually believe this i don't know how many of you thought it was a distinct possibility that it could have happened but you know what there was at least a one or two percent chance that it may have come to fruition but now with david griffin out of the mix you can kiss goodbye that water two percent chance next summer of abhran james coming to broadway and maybe resurrecting the nick franchise because they had the relationship and he fall the nba this game is of our relationships that's what it is.

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