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So i started watching the show shrill and i was watching it kind of thinking. How often is the lead character. Someone who is a woman who is fat. I appreciate what you're doing. And i know it means a lot to so many women out there. Okay so now. We're going to jump into some rapid fire questions. Amy are you ready. Yes so your work has been tweeted about a lot of celebrities. What celebrity were you most excited to see tweeting. You i have to say. Kevin bacon and lots of young kids don't know kevin bacon six degrees because joke became kevin bacon fan of my work and he shared it a couple of times And the biggest. You know claim to fame here. That a lot of people is that now Your zero degrees from kevin bacon if you if you know me right. Because he's directly written to me and shared my words. What's the best thing about. Living in. Boise idaho i would have to say the wilderness and the wild lands of the west that we have at literally out our back door. We have an extraordinary amount of public parks. Send this whole greenbelt which is beautiful. Paved walking pass along the boise river and we have tons of hiking trails in the foothills of the rocky mountains that surround us an Desert and lakes and We're super outdoorsy. People here and my family as well and that is an extraordinary gift to my children and and me. So you love rene brown. I know the woman in red white and blue love brennan brown as well So what is something. Rene has said that is really stuck with you so she says a number of extraordinary things but one of my favorite quotes of hers that i say all the time still in fact. I said it to my daughter last night as she. My thirteen year old that she tried out for a new. She's an all star softball player and pitcher and she had a trial for a new team and it was really scary. And it is. This don't shrink. Don't puff up. Just stand your sacred ground and i. That quote has touched me for a long time. I actually wrote it on my hand Before i went onstage to give my tedtalk are amy. What's your favorite size inclusive clothing brand or store. I would have to say the thrift store. So i am an avid thriftier and i have been for a long time. Most of my life The thrift store is environmentally friendly to me. I'm really a big proponent of reusing and recycling things. And i just i'm a vintage collector and lover in general a thrift and junking sort of my my favorite thing to do. It is a little bit. Trickier as a plus sized person A fat person finding less clothing any stores and you have to be really open minded About fashion and that sort of things but but now There are lots more thrift stores. They're actually some split specific. Consignment stores where you can find. Lots of Plus size clothing. And i like how easy it is on the wallet and on the earth omit the whole time. You're seeing that matt michael. Moore's thrift store song. I don't know if you're a michael moore fan. And he's like pop in tags all right. What movie do you watch. Cheer yourself up after a bad day I would have to say there are a couple..

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