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It is a show what does the story this morning X. Sanders consultants arrested the after allegedly planting the weapons in jail that's a good headline run Blitzer no relation a former consultant for Bernie Sanders two thousand sixteen presidential campaign was arrested after allegedly planted loaded weapons and ammunition inside a Tennessee corrections facility that was under construction in an attempt to carry out a future jailbreak authorities said criminal justice reform advocate Alex Friedmann who was not an inmate but allegedly was plotting to help prisoners escape when the facility opened what is he just assume that his friends are going to end up in prison there and as as a this is that their economy is really there it's a massive jailbreak you're not an inmate below but allegedly was plotting to help prisoners escape when the facility opened was arrested when one on one count of felony vandalism that's a strange charge but Davidson county sheriff's Derren holes said during a press conference Wednesday that the allegations go far beyond that I'd say you got a birdie birdie guy planting guns and ammo inside a prison under construction I guess assuming that his comrades are going to be in there eventually and then he'll be able to tell them where to find the hidden gun and ammo these are creepy leftists they they're they're here and they're creepy all right let's go to another could be left as his name is can delay Anne am as the MC number twenty nine number twenty nine this morning he's very upset yes here's what happened the the intelligence community and this woman who is the tsar ironically for elections security went up to Capitol Hill without mentioning anything the White House to brief of all people Adam Schiff on secret intelligence information knowing that he would like it to his friends in the New York times which she has done odd that the Russians are coming the Russians are coming okay which is even the typists at the New York times Adam Goldman had to concede that there's nothing new there that we already knew that that that's knowledge that he won his had for years now at this point but there is new information according to your times buried in their own story where they help no one will see it that Russia is interfering with the twenty twenty democratic primaries and Bernie Sanders is the is the leader and Democrat and with Putin's help but that's not the story in The New York Times new no no no you don't Tulsi Gabbard is a rust Russian assets she's a major in the United States Army served in Iraq Democrat congresswoman from Hawaii hi and she's a Russian asset I know because Hillary Clinton told me and all of the news media adopted Hillary's talking point and now she's as good as a Russian spot it's just great stuff they're absolutely insane so these intelligence people behind the president's back without informing the White House didn't go to the Republican controlled Senate to brief them went to the Democrat controlled house and Adam ships committee knowing that he is that the nemesis of the arch enemy of Donald Trump and they said this information to Adam Schiff and then Adam Schiff credit to the New York times but it was framed in a way that is most detrimental to president trump and naturally it's the program and beneficial to the Democrats because that's the New York times role in our society and up and they bury the fact that the democratic primaries are being what a being hacked with that being how they how they influencing how are they tampering with the democratic primaries and does that explain why US Soviet loving socialist is leading the democratic field he's got that help from Russia Moscow Putin all that just like Hillary did withdraw that check dossier and call me use that take Russian dossier to get illegal warrants to spy on members of the trump campaign a New York times still doesn't think that's newsworthy notice in a candle lighting on NBC he doesn't think it's news here he's very upset that the Republican leader on the committee actually let the White House now what the intelligence community was doing since the intelligence community apparently didn't tell the White House and at NBC news the problem is telling the president because you're supposed to keep it a secret from the president's all conspiracy against the president I'd states can Delaney an NBC news is a co conspirator and Adam Goldman at the New York times his co conspirator but you got to keep it from the present you can't let the president know that the these deep staters career people are briefing Adam Schiff on information that can be used to hurt trump and they don't tell the White House or the Republicans in the Senate and that's all fine in modern America this is what high all right Kendall any here's what happened after Donald Trump called about this briefing from Devin newness is ally very reasonable knows me he hit the roof and the next day in a meeting with the N. I. jungle wire he's a rated McGuire about why this briefing took place at all and why he has to hear about this from Nunez and particularly why was he sharing this information about the Russians with Adam Schiff charms nemesis and he's trump was worried that this could be used against them so yeah so so my wires out now actor of intelligence officials speaking truth to power which is their job and they are being punished for their job is not to speak truth to power you're an idiot that is not their job their their cogs in a giant governmental apparatus of bureaucracy and they serve the president of the United States there's oversight by the Congress but they don't work for Adam Schiff speaking truth to power what kind of a moron are you delight in this is not a highschool walk out this is not a protest over macaroni and cheese in the cafeteria speaking truth to power what kind of a moron is Kendall Laney and honestly the intelligence community's role in our society is to speak truth to power this is this is what your brain tells you my god you're just a joke a truck hit the roof you had to hear from newness why did you have to hear from newness it's his intelligence community not not Adam shifts intelligence community not not the United States of America that I'm willing to go to war for not by a long shot son at the present United States fever rates just of a wire kicked him out of his job telling on you telling on you telling on you telling on you that's the phrase that he uses what were the intelligence committees telling on you what what what did they report to Adam ship because it's in the New York it's all here the you know what they report telling on you that's just amazing language what these people are and then mo Yarborough whose brain died long ago it's are rotting scab inside his cranium we've definitely crossed the Rubicon this week president fires this week Intel she Intel and completely just rocks the Intel community didn't tell forcibly telling the truth what's the truth what what are you talking about these people are mentally unstable it is just extra nothing at the Washington post's guy David Iggy Ignatius and and I was I love to see the woman is those are the the end in an absurd they have no sense of absurdity no sense of irony they have no sense of history they have no memory for anything that happened yesterday or last week much less three years ago or or fifty years ago they have no knowledge of anything there their memory is a clean slate every morning when they crawl out of the rack that basically that's just amazing and they said they got this woman whose lives are and again this is all about Russia now here comes the conocer intelligence officials I talked to yesterday we were shocked whatever the point they were worried right the implications if president trump is done for for two reasons first the effect on the work force in our intelligence agencies of the one washing as well as of late one acting directors fired and replaced by someone whose political you could almost call on my comments are intimidate the workforce and increasingly I hear that people are reluctant to hear products that may be calm to issue reports that may get them in trouble with the White House this is not such a load of festering my god these people are just so profoundly thoroughly corrupt so what a minute the president wasn't made aware that the commissar and the the those are we're going to brief shifts and feed him information that he would then give them your time here it is in your times now just in case there's any question about that to undermine the president yet again and the news media is on the side of the deep state make no mistake about that they're on the side of the permanent bureaucracy because there the left and and that's the last meeting the left hand's meet gloved hand me twelve and then it goes into a mark darkened remote location I just want like that with my hand Trey Gowdy is a now former member of the house of representatives he was on the fox news channel last night and he was having none of it I don't know anyone who really things that Russia performers Donald Trump to win over Conrad Sanders I don't know was sold at really things Russia wants Donald Trump to be the president instead of the god that honeymoon and Russia is this the same intelligence community that told us it was a spontaneous reaction to a video and live via the same intelligence community that promises weapons of mass destruction and the same intelligence community that relied on the dossier and miss the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall I'm gonna be really honestly and has John Brennan the communist voters you know that this communist thing keeps coming up again and again doesn't and there's more today because Bernie Sanders past is coming back Trey Gowdy they gather information and they make assessments and then they have those assessments one unfortunately given to people like out I'm sure of who leaked like sieves is never should have been made public and that's why the president's offset not or what the intelligence community found but the fact that Adam shelf has a beeline to the New York times when his negative information about Donald last which everybody knows and the intelligence community knows that you send these people up and let's keep the White House in the dark I'm gonna give all this stuff to ship and he can reignite the phony Russian collusion thing which we investigated for years cost thousands of lives in trillions of dollars and we found no Russian collusion but let's light that candle again because we're in Saint Lawrence o'donnell who proudly also describes as self described as a socialist Donald Trump is operating in the White House in conjunction with Vladimir Putin to hide what Flannery put is doing to help Donald Trump get reelected Donald Trump is a Russian operatives fifth tonight's reporting by The Washington Post and The.

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