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Calls the decision to revoke paul manafort's bail a tough sentence in an earlier exchange with reporters mr trump's had the special counsels focus on manafort has been unfair i mean i look at some of them where they go back twelve years like manafort has nothing to do with our campaign manafort chaired the campaign over a series of pivotal months in the summer of two thousand sixteen he was let go after reports surfaced of his lobbying for pro russian forces in ukraine it's work that's led to the charges he faces steven portnoy cbs news washington he's the highest ranking presidential campaign official to go to jail since watergate but people from that era say it may be just the start of paul manafort's probably alleged witness tampering that led to a judge revoking his bail also carry serious prison time if he's convicted of it says top watergate prosecute nick ackerman mitch probably more serious in some ways and probably carries it bigger penalty than all the other counts he's charged with which could put more pressure on metaphor to testify against the president as part of a plea deal at ackerman tells knx he's probably got a lot of dirt he was there for most all of the major events that would likely have involved a conspiracy between the russian government and the campaign ackerman says it was similarly stiff penalties that compelled one of the watergate burglars to turn against nixon brian pain knx ten seventy newsradio mantha murielle atta and his girlfriend both pleaded guilty to abusing his fiveyearold son the attacks left the child wheelchair bound with permanent injuries the father sentenced to seventeen years in state prison she received two consecutive life terms the boys now being raised by his grandmother it's three fifty time for your money hbo is getting more cast the incoming head of at and t entertainment division says he expects to boost spending on hbo original programming now that at and t has bought time warner and rebranded it as warner media phone company veteran john stanky will head hbo warner brothers aunt turner broadcasting apple has said the iphone ten was.

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