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For a while and it was nice to get back I think it's awful long time on the road for like forever but no I think it's just yeah we got off to a good start and I think that's that's if you got the crowd into it and made some good plays off the hop Alex Neil lander Patrick Kane would score fifteen seconds apart David Kampf Drake Caggiula also scored hawks still six points back in the playoff race they host the Oilers tomorrow tonight the bulls are at Minnesota going for two in a row Larry market in expected back with Jack Levine is out again college hoops things heating up in the big ten after Rutgers knocked off conference leader Maryland while sixteenth ranked Michigan state handled number twenty Penn state on the road coming back from nineteen down to whether Purdue beat eighteenth ranked Iowa DePaul won on senior night sixty nine sixty eight over Marquette northern Illinois over Toledo seventy one to fifty U. I. C. B. I. U. P. U. I. do it Vance to the quarters in the horizon league ninety three fifty nine tonight northwestern seeks its second straight win on the road at number twenty four Wisconsin which has won six straight we'll have the pregame at seven forty five tonight here on WGN in baseball Colorado aids the cubs eleven to ten Oakland adds the white Sox six to five we got the socks and brewers this afternoon two o'clock Dave at it WGN sports your money on W. G. O. let's get the latest on Wall Street and agribusiness good morning to orient Samuelson good morning another interesting opening on Wall Street declined more than seven hundred points at the opening or more than two percent it's not backed away from those numbers a little bit the S. and P. five hundred currently up forty three points but the Dow is still up four hundred seventy seven points on the nasdaq up one hundred and one point volatility index at the CBO we that's a big city is down to end of third points in the trade so far this morning US private payrolls increased more than expected in February pointing to labor's strength before a recent escalation of the virus figures the ADP national employment report today showed private payrolls rose by a hundred and eighty three thousand jobs last month thanks to warmer weather that boosted hiring at construction sites and in the leisure and hospitality industry the ADA ADP report jointly developed with moody's analytics came a day after the fed slashed its benchmark overnight interest rates taking a look at the grain market this morning at the Chicago board of trade March wheat contract down six and three quarters cents trading at five dollars twenty two cents a bushel March corn up one.

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