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Welcome to this episode of the successful on poor career podcast presented by employment for seniors with the support of nationwide insurance and the central ohio area agency on aging i'm carol than trescothick director of employment for seniors and abroad johnson them ready dfs board trustees as well know are career paths take us too many places often individuals change directions near career or have a hibbitt in our successful encore career podcast program we like to spotlight examples of those career pits that's right bret this is why we are welcoming today faith williams whose the vice president of programs at the y w c a in columbus two hours successful uncorked career podcast faith completed her career as a partner with a large local law firm before moving into the nonprofit world so ted faith thanks for joining us today we're gonna go ahead and get started and we wanna talk a little bit um to give you an opportunity to give us an overview of your background the work you did at the law firm and um as you were growing up was law the profession that you identified when people asked what you were going to be when you grew up thanks so much carol first of all i appreciate the opportunity to be here with you today and talk a little bit about my career transition um and what for me has been a really successful move into an encore career um so certainly i did not uh always have in mind that i was going to become a lawyer um uh there was no one in my family who had been in the legal profession which is a lot of the ways that many of us get our ideas about what we're gonna do with our lives and in fact my um my undergraduate degree was and political science in andhra natural relations and i worked after my.

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