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This is back that what's up back to backers this is willie joy welcome to the show this is back to back this is my podcast how's everybody doing out there hope you're having a good july hope you had a good fourth of july you know it's one of those holidays that feels weird to celebrate when our country is in such a weird state but i hope you were family i hope you were with friends you got the day off work you know it's the little things i hope you had a good one i am so excited about today's episode it's one i've been trying to set up for a long time for my guest today i sat down with one of my old friends the creator of moomba tone dave nada a true legend in the game this was so long overdue and man you can just hear us catching up over the course of this conversation he and i share some crazy history i'm gonna get into it and just a minute it before we do it's everybody's favourite part of the show the business i haven't brought this up in a few weeks but i would be remiss and less i made sure that everyone out there is subscribed to this show all you have to do is just click subscribe on whatever platform you used to listen if you're on soundcloud just follow us and what that does what that means is that every week when there's a new episode it's just gonna pop right up for you you don't have to worry about missing it you don't have to remember what day of the week it comes out we'll take care all that bullshit for you and just give you free new awesome content.

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