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Richmond city health district and the Henrico health departments are warning people who visit Bryant parked in a cat was a popular fixture there. Tested, positive for rabies. Richmond district. Spokesman George Jones says they're asking anyone who may have come in contact with the feline between February ninth and February nineteenth to contact their public health department. Jones says exposure doesn't have to be a bite can also be transmitted through saliva when they're when they're actually read it. So just to be safe people. If you play with the cat had a close interaction with the cat. The descriptions of exposures give us a call residential Reichel health applauded and Richmond loved the city health district and Campbell is an adult female domestic short hair with black fur and like pause and Shannon was captured after a visitor from Henrico on the nineteenth of February Jones warns at once symptoms in humans develop the infection is usually fatal. So heed the warning a former teacher at Lee Davis high in Hanover, given just under three years in prison for hacking, both celebrities end students Matt DEM line reports there were according to the feds over two hundred victims and some of the hack celebrity photos were widely seen Christopher Brennan's. Thirty four months sentence was agreed to as part of a plea deal. Brennan strategy was to either take educated guesses on security questions or to use phishing emails. The investigation began while he was still teaching special Ed Hanover schools placed on leave and did not renew his contract. Matt DEM why News Radio? W R power lines across one of the nation's most historic areas in Virginia are in danger of being taken down claims. They spoil the view a federal appeals court in DC ruled today that the US army corps of engineers failed to fully consider the project's impact the line stretch across the James river near Jamestown island, the site of England's first permanent settlement the lines were recently, energized, mice President Mike Pence speaking at the conservative political action conference in national harbor Maryland today in the wake of President Trump issuing a national emergency declaration to get help to build his planned wall. Pence promising that the security wall will be completed vice President Mike Pence continued the White House has pushed for a southern border wall during a speech at the conservative political action conference Friday, claiming work is in progress on portions of the barrier and pledging it would be completed before he leaves office. I'll make you a promise before. We're done. We're going to build it all forty miles of previously approved and replacement wall or currently in the works still leaving more than three hundred miles of new fencing to reach president from stated goal for the border ABC's. Ryan Kelsey.

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