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That anybody would be that angry or disturbed. I can't imagine anybody taking it too far as grabbing weapon and just shooting up and event. No, but as in like getting upset and riled up? Yes. 'cause it's like any other sports like that? You ball football. We all might tend to get upset or say a couple of things out of anger. 'cause I favor team, they lost, but never to a point where you will want to physically harm somebody or even in this case murder somebody, this isn't the first mass shooting Florida in this past year. Do you have any response to to the larger issue? Do want anything from politicians in terms of how to protect people like you for politicians is should be an eye opener like I'm from Chicago. We always hear like about the crimes at a homeless. It takes place in Chicago, and I was born in. Raising Chicago, not want five ever been a situation. Well, have the run out of an assessment to say my life. It's it's just amazing to me. Take me and my boyfriend to go out to a different state, just play video games. Something passionate about. It turns to situation where we had this gate of establishment to save our lives. I was going to ask about your ankle. It's starting to heal. Is it slowly? But I'm still some paying. I hope it heals well and quickly. And I thank you very much for talking with us and and marquees is he doing okay? He just has so scratches, but he's okay. All right, MS Poindexter. Thank you for talking to us. Thank you. We reach Taylor Poindexter and Chicago. In Canadian fiddle music. He was a giant Ned Landry whose music career spanned more than seven decades Dodd Saturday. He was ninety seven years old Mr. Landry got his start in show biz in nineteen thirty, four playing harmonica on Don Messer radio program, backwoods breakdown, but the fiddle which he taught himself to play with his true love. He wants told the CBC quote this fiddle. It's my life, Ned Landry racked up an impressive stack of awards and owners in his lifetime, including being named Canadian Open fiddle champion three times receiving the order of Canada and being inducted into the New Brunswick and Nova Scotia halls of fame.

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