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Dave and Amy I mentioned join me into is I give you my opinions on the big stories of the day is the mention show right here on my seventy fail I am right here's a here's a story we ran across this morning as a true story and it's a true item of legislation making its way through the Alabama legislature the thing is somebody is making a law a problem along and trying to make a point right just to make a point it's called house bill two thirty eight in the Alabama rip off the representative Rolanda Hollis Democrat from Birmingham has written this law that states that all men in Alabama would be required to undergo a vasectomy within one month of their fiftieth birthday or after the birth of his third child now this is crazy he's trying to make a point of I guess this is either a fortune the law says is it with he would have to pay for himself to yeah and that actually explains the purpose of the law in the law the proposed law itself quote relating to family planning to require a man or what a second it does say is it that that that that the the the under existing law there are no restrictions on the reproductive rights of man so that's the point right that is the point and we've we've heard lawmakers doing other crazy things but there is no comparison I mean it doesn't like what there's no law against women having to have their tubes not know there there's no law requiring women to say be sterilized right in any fashion so it has nothing to do with abortion but I guess that was the closest she could come to it all right there's a guy who wants a girlfriend so badly he has got twenty five thousand dollars to help him find one yeah this is a little creepy I think Jeff Gephardt is his name is forty seven years old from prairie village Kansas and he's fed up with online dating and the more traditional ways of meeting people soul he's got some money any hit upon an idea he he's he's offering to give twenty five thousand dollars to anyone who who sends the perfect match is way you sense the perfect girl is way yeah H. E. any will also sweet the pot by donating twenty five thousand dollars to a no kill dog shelter return whatever the women women you know find your way to him and then does she get the money and that sort of like that's creepy it is creepy it's kind of like prostitution sort of is in that direction he says I'm a happy guy with an unbelievable life I don't need a person to complete me blood well then just go with the flow and it'll happen I'm looking for a person with qualities that will allow us to complement each other and it's by the way there there are there are rules to add a casual be doled out in installments five five thousand dollar payments over a five year stretch so if the gal split before then yeah the match maker gets only what he or she earned to that point see this the confusing part about this apparently he's given the money not to the woman who is to become the level to whoever set up and to a no kill dog shelter right is an online quiz that applicants will need to take this here of their personality sync with his this guy sounds like a nut job to begin with I was here you wonder where you can find a date he says he he told a TV station you have to have a big number you have you have a big number that apply talking about people you put them through a **** Wonka machine and the ones that come out are the ones who would be great candidates for me well what is he looking for in a lady yes what is he looking for a lady fun easy to spend time with long walks on the beach confident are driven and has a zest for life all well that's a tall order it might be worth fifty thousand dollars I got my I got my my my Ballantine's text I needed a little while ago from your wife yeah yeah when she texted he said I don't think she'd mind if I share happy Valentine's day my love honey dews today one pick up bills to clean the cat box and three clean the bathroom now that's love that is a love going on thirty two my husband a steak dinner last night nice to meet you set the bar so high no now and I'm not chocolate covered strawberries desi guy who always do that for her I always buy her truck of the chocolate covered strawberries every year every year did you this year I'm just saying did you this year I'm not gonna be easy I'm not going to be accused of copycat in new no no no I'm saying did you buy them yet this larger buying them and when you leave I just want you know I am the given it away she's on her way to work listening this now it's a forty five let's get update on traffic.

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