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Known juvenile male which struck of a league that male this stable condition right now we have police officers on the scene the almost immediately they will work in the parade route they responded almost immediately they were able to on to render aid to the victims of the victims of transported to the hospital another man was rushed to the hospital after being shot in the garden district also along the parade route near st charles and second street now immediate word on his condition it happened during the truck parades later this evening and opd chief michael harrison says there was no interruption of the parade the commander made the command decision allowed the parade to keep going because this was contained on this side and because we were able to get the victim to help right away and get him to the hospital really quickly we allowed the parade to continue long so that we can contain this the rest of the day a festive one ruled by royalty king zulu the first to be toasted by mayor mich landrieu had galle hall was see you all this 300 attleboro sleep you could not have a better time to raise zulu is fitted integral part of the city of new orleans for the socially pledge kabas fiddle really important part of keeping our community together you value diversity you value richness you value a hole in its history that'd be counted at me and the other kill tabet was at a witness today along with the first lady the archbishop at one of the what the rest of the hill raise a glass it said the king of carnival rex followed zulu along the uptown route and also receive a welcome from the mayor it was of course mardi gras across the metro area thousands of folks cut the crew of argus parade in memory today this morning drug coverage brought to you by sprint your lowest price.

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