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And then we got to meet him again a few years later in a professional situation, and he was just such a positive guy and his whole attitude and his editor on this movie was like doing great keep going. That was the that was. His whole visiting by urging. Yeah, right. It's neat and the movies encouraging. That's everything. I have a couple of quick wrap up question. Yeah. I is it true. Is it a rumor or is a true, you're doing an etch a sketch move. My god. That is false. Okay. However, I can tell you that we were pitched and it just get many many years ago. So there is it's not let's so cruelly unfounded. I I've heard of that. Let me shook up moved on too bad too bad too bad about. I like the speed round. That's right doing. All. Right. Do you feel any ownership of the solo movie? Oh, my well. I'll say that. When we were making that movie, we were making movie about a maverick about about a person who has an a person breaks the rules. And that's what we try to do with every movie, and that's what we were doing with spider versus trying to make a movie that they take something that you're familiar with and turns it on its head. And and so I feel like everything that we've done on every movie has been that. And and that movie was different. Okay. Supposed to say as we did all the stuff. You liked. Oh, I see. I can only say that. We're really proud of what everybody did. And we had an awesome crew on that and amazing Canada. And we're proud of the work that we did. And I'm and I'm happy through everybody. Good good. Okay. Last last question Wiley Coyote or not I mean that another is there. Oh, let's break news. Just we haven't heard about it. But so it's another. Well, I read about it where I get all my reliable information internet, of course, everybody is true. That's for sure that's what it'd be cool, though, if like Russian Botts, we're trying to get that out there to divide the nation. Russian Bazzi, meet my dad. Wiley Coyote here. Learn. Like a good idea. I can confirm that may have nothing like that on the Dr. Sketch film. No, we're talking we're talking to mash. Like a challenge. That one would be well, you met you met so many challenges and you've exceeded. Anyone's dreams of what these films could be and should be like, and you've you know, you've given us just a tremendous gift of entertainment and wonder and just sheer pleasure. Well for that. We say thank you you. We're returning the favor. You know, we're the generation that grew up watching you on TV. You have to fast forward through him to watch Star Wars is the real question though, it had to fast forward through whatever else. They were talking about on editor Damon tonight just to get to this man who was in the pre internet era. The only way that if you're in Miami. This is the only way you can hear somebody talk about movies is watching television. And we grew up reading your book, and and reading in watching you every night, and I just appreciate you. And it's a thrill for us to sit here and talk about movies with you. It's like my dream, come true. Well, come back and do it again sometime. Have you anytime that door that has literally open? Evidently open as well. There is always. Nice great sublet designer. Now. I if if people want to follow you fellows, how do they do that? Yes, you're on Twitter and end, the Graham, occasionally, Instagram. I were the same on both mine is just the worst because turns out criminal or common name. So it's H R. I Z M. I L L R. That's Miller was no e. Honestly. And I'm at Philip Lord, that's one Ellen Phillips the proper way. And that's it. Thank you guys. Thank you. And and where did they find us? Honey, you are littered with z. Leonard Leonard Smoltz, you are at Leonard Maltin. I am at Jesse Maltin on Twitter and Instagram, and you can go to Leonard Maltin.

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