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My pages. And i try to post funny stuff real stuff. We'll see but that's me. Keep going you got me. Yeah showdown. I don't know what else to say. I'm an atheist. And i approve this message right Jason thank you so much. I know we've been trying to hook up for a few weeks to get you on. And everything and i just wanted to say a big. Thank you for coming on. And you're welcome anytime you really are we. We are open to you. We are open to what your belief system is just as much as what any of us have a belief system in so you're welcome addition to anything that the ten the paranormal. And i would encourage anybody. That's there that would want to follow his page and follow up some of his investigations. Look up some of the things that he's done. His credentials are very impeccable. And i want to thank you again. Jason for being here and earn vitamin he bet. Eddie and james. Thank you for coming on tonight. James tubes sir hey So a missed like yeah. This was the fastest our ever in the history of eight. Thanks for having me on appreciate it. Guys is always in You know. I'm not happy with the report that came but will be printing that thing out tonight and i'll review it on my flight tomorrow to denver and check it out and see how much bullshit they put in and how much fluff is going on in this report But they you know. Like i always say keep rising this guys in off the pages of the network because these guys are full of shit. You know an end. Just everything about this report is just bullshit. You know once again. You can't trust nick brother. You can't trust the the government to tell you the truth Sometimes that's a good thing for national security and in this case it might be the same way but for those of us that know better That's it we know better so that we have our shit together. And i had not upper ass you know. Just like biden has his head so far. China's asi shits fortune cookies but that's a different show and So i appreciate you guys have all man and thanks again tasted good to see you man. Good to me. She back on the show again soon. Jason i want say thank you so much for being on the show man. It was an honor and a pleasure to have you on here. Go get a different perspective on the paranormal. And we appreciate you being on here sharing your thoughts. I know i asked you. Some questions weren't they. Were not answerable and i knew. They weren't answerable even before asked him. But i want to throw him out there to kind of get your thoughts on it and viewpoints but we appreciate everything you do. We appreciate you being out there and we appreciate you being in the same little club that we are in in search of truth in the paranormal that very much. Rick james thank you so much for being on the show brothers. Always a pleasure to have you guys on thinking for all you know you guys are like the the right hand man on this thing and without you. The show wouldn't be what it is. And i appreciate everything that you have to say landon and everybody on the show. Pedro all of you Thank you so very much for being on On the chat we appreciate it. We love all you guys so much and we thank you all for being on here. Police shared the show. Get it out there and we appreciate everything that you guys do the report. I was very disappointed in coming from the government. But i didn't expect anything much more than what they gave us. So i wasn't surprised i guess you could say i was disappointed but not surprised. And hopefully at some point in time bull figuring out without the help of the government because it doesn't look like they're going to be any use to us. As far as this ufo orillia thing goes but as long as we keep Visual we keep recording in posting videos and photographs and doing our best to determine what these things are. I think we'll eventually get to the bottom of it. Closure is here. Eddie is just the roadblock. That's all it is. It's here they're just trying to slow it down. But i think you everybody so much. We love you. Be safe until next saturday. I'll take care.

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