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Hi tom who rented them out i don't know if i got onto him i don't know who ratted him out of your in prison what's wrong with a little buzzer every now and then what comes home hello bob and tom show hey geology prison program you're good believe i heard y'all talking somebody mentioned shaman some in a few minutes ago chaman it's a some kind of what is it like a witch shine would i heard that belt that'd be men but then don't you five the author that's that's subsidized makes you wanna die dance when you think about it tom ado his mr whipple joke mr whipple did you you can kiss my grits you've got to tell lloyd that you finally watch durban cowboy you're listening give you precis of the story from day one favorite summit this great park astray with my little girls and it's the it's the best playground i've ever seen i and i'm not kidding they've got the whole thing is coated in some kind of rubberized ground and it's it's just the greatest so the kids bounce it's it's i mean it was the coolest playground average one of those things you see you go god why did they want to use when i was a kid but and there's always little kids around and i hear this little kid singing and he's going the data that dan it big building i'm thinking is that seven year old singing the theme to sanford and son so i get up closer and by.

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