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No birth five. And finally the last position of watching. The draft is tight end position that really has been revolutionized in the NFL over two years this draft has to that could go in the early first round, according to these mock drafts, I would I was no font in Iowa's TJ Hopkinson both have gone as high as seven and some mock drafts and both expected to be gone. Well, before we reach the picks into twenty s. All right. So I'm just going to a little little love from my home state. Love Iowa were on the air across Iowa Clinton Moines Clinton to be run from although I got married into Moines liver for a long time. Kirk parents is a master at developing NFL talent that was not four or five star guys that were not expected to be that when they entered that program. It's often offense of linemen that's his specialty. But we've seen tight ends come out of there as well. And one of the reasons that's true is because he runs a a pro style offense. So guys get a lot. Time operating like the will the National Football League level lot of its experiences a great coach and developer of talent. But parents is also a guy that's incredibly well respected when I used to cover the NFL right about it. You'd be shocked. How often casual conversations off the record with GM's with with really powerful agents. I would mention from Iowa, right? And just the course of hanging out having a beer, and they would on an unsolicited talk about farance, how great he was how you should be NFL coach if you wanted to be, and when you have that respect you're also gonna have guys like the two tight ends to mentioned who are going to get more looks more chances because NFL executive trust parents to develop the kind of talent that's going to be successful the next level..

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