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So if you say somebody that says has an eighty percent drawdown, it means that if he's invested one hundred dollars, he will. Allow the market to drop eighty dollars in value before he will cut his position now, if I saw that, and then I saw that this client was taken prophet very quickly that would be a warning bell to me. It would tell me hold on a second this guy, let's his losses run and he tixx prophet too quickly this as that he might have a lot of winning positions but one day when a market goes against him, it could wipe out everything so that to me is a no no. And then you look at, you know how long he's in the market. In terms of his traits page to where we onto. This is still may two all on page two. So there's a lot of information I think the the most challenging aspect for anyone who's looking to copies to understand page to. Page two is really where it's at. Page three boo show you what he's currently investing in. So you can see whether he's investing in equities or shares, or there is investing in commodities fx and what positions he whole. So what stocks or shares his board And then the page four is just basically a graph showing his performance over the period of time. So, there is a lot of information there for you to assess before you make a decision as to whether or not you want to copy this guy. But the first thing you can do is that instead of signed copy, I could say follow. And what that effectively means is that every time this person places I tried. In the market whether it be an equities currencies, whatever you'll get alert that says he's just bought this, and then you can make a decision as to whether or not to act. The most sophisticated approaches to say I now trust this guy I.

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