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Greater outreach and giving folks an opportunity to expand their reach now detroit's first ever night market returns to beacon park this summer's starting june the ninth calling for more union jobs that's what a group of local democratic members of congress will be doing during a town hall meeting set for tomorrow and wayne county community college us representative sander levin dan kildee debbie dingle and brenda lawrence they'll be highlighting the need to make it easier for working people to join together in unions in order to raise wages and create what they call thriving communities a new survey shows just how bad michigan drivers think the state's roads really are have their drake vp of government relations and public affairs for aaa michigan says the results of the auto groups polling we're far from surprising we surveyed over nine hundred of our members in michigan and ask them a variety of questions basically what are they thoughts on the road conditions in michigan and the way we fund our roads and not surprisingly over eighty percent of our members that the roads were either in poor or fair condition only two percent thought that the roads were in good shape over fifty percent of those polled say current state and federal funding isn't getting the job done while seventy percent say the money isn't being spent appropriately now despite rising tensions between the us and many of its trading partners one top auto exact isn't overly concerned a trade war could really hurt the auto industry which ships a lot of vehicles and parts across borders for that very reason fiat chrysler ceo sergio mark yoni expects a deal because there's too much at stake they will settle everybody understands it negative implications if there were to be an all out war says he doesn't put a lot of weight and a lot of the bombastic statements being made on both sides of the ocean jeff gilbert w w j newsradio nine.

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