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Coach, Jim, Harbaugh for, the rest of his brigade comments let's throw it back, to Jim Brandstatter back with head coach Jim Harbaugh prior to the kickoff with Notre Dame Jim it. Was two weeks and you named shape Patterson you're starting quarterback what has, he done to elevate his game but, gave you the confidence to, set two weeks before the start I'm going to name this young man my starting quarterback. What's he done to kind of step into, that role that job is, game was was good to begin with He gave us the. Best chance of winning the ball game that's what you always, choose the starting quarterback based on and he's ready to, go Jim you've got some new guys on your, staff offensively at. Warner Jim mcelwain Jerome more whatever they brought, to the table for this team offensively really good coaches you see. Showing up at their position group they've, made their players. Better putting them in a position to do a good job disguise that are competent you know what they do And really been pleased with the entire staff that's been everybody. Pulling in the same direction You've? Been very complementary to over shine Gary what has he done to elevate his game in this is. Third year here at Michigan because you've said this guy just keeps getting better and. Better what's he done to elevate that game Continues you said. It keeps getting better he's a he's Is always in ascending player just he's grown each and every year because of the work ethic. That he, has because of the talent that he has you know he's. Got a got an inner drive. That pushes, him The rest of the guys feed off. And he's, a tremendous example hey you can't say enough good things And Greg, madison A lot to do with. That too, I mean, Gregory coaching the heck. Outta Regina Teammates help I mean they got a great. Bond chased, win a, bitch Rashawn Ryan Monet Michael Jordan for their their their great, group to be around and and. They just all plus plus plus less question before kickoff? First ten minutes of the game what do you want to. See what's on your mind the first ten minutes of the? Football game. Offensively and, defensively what do you want to see from your team out there Well she has come out sharp Knowing our, assignments and and moving the football stopping. The, opponent playing with great hustle Great emotion and great energy All the things you don't want to be turning the ball. Or you wanna sloppy play the thing you worry about the first game is is The missed assignment the blown coverage the protection on the field gold the. Pont all the all the things that you haven't seen The group in the individual players do yet so they're doing they're doing it for, the, first time. And I want. To want. To, get, off to, a start that's clean and and executing, the way we're capable. Jim great job thanks. Very much good luck thanks Jim Jim Harbaugh prior of, the kickoff of, Notre Dame Michigan for twenty eighteen, this is, Michigan football the pre-game.

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